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By Mike Johnson on 2023-02-17 10:00:00


You recently answered a question about Joey Styles, so I will ask the same: why isn't Mike Tenay doing commentary somewhere?

After departing what is now Impact Wrestling, Tenay has pretty much moved on from wrestling as a profession.  I know of at least one high-profile independent promotion that attempted to bring Tenay in to call matches over a Wrestlemania weekend awhile back but Tenay turned the opportunity down.  He's one of the best announcers of the modern era and should be celebrated as such, but if he doesn't want to do it anymore, there's no rule that he should be forced to do it.

Do you think MLW will continue to go after WWE?

Court Bauer sent us a statement saying he is going to amend his company's lawsuit and continue on, so yes.  It will come down to the Judge deciding that amended version should go forward.  If the Judge decides it should, then it will.  If not, then my guess is MLW will try to appeal the dismissal.

Why does Paige wrestle so differently now?

You do recall she was medically retired by WWE due to her neck issues, ciorrect?   She is working around that to be as safe as possible and prevent a recurrence of her neck issues.

Will there be a Crockett Cup this year? 

I would lean towards yes, since the NWA brought it back last year after a COVID-19 created hiatus in 2020 and 2021.

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Would it be a problem if an episode of WWE NXT had only men’s matches and no women’s matches (instead, the women would only have an in-ring segment) and if so, why?

No, that could happen at any time depending on what the creative for that week dictated.

How many nicknames and surnames has John Hennigan had?  What would happen if he and Johnny Gargano both decided to be Johnny Wrestling at the same time.

I can't answer the first question, because the counter keeps rolling...

As to the second, if they both attempted to be Johnny Wrestling at once, they would fuse together like DC Comics' Firestorm, officially fusing within the wrestling matrix.


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