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By Dave Scherer on 2023-02-05 10:00:00

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I just signed up for your Elite service and love it.  I used to subscribe to a competitor but I noticed things like stories they reported being wrong more and more.  The final straw for me was the Shawn Michaels conference call.  Mike Johnson was on the call while the lead reporters from the site I just canceled sent someone else, which I found disrespectful.  I think Shawn Michaels deserves to hear from an outlet’s top reporters.  Am I wrong?

I would agree with you on that one.  If WWE is going to make Shawn Michaels or Paul Levesque available to the press, I think we should show our appreciation by sending the best reporter from the site.  Mike always asks the questions for us while I am also on the call and do the report.  I appreciate WWE opening the door to us and I think everyone in my position should feel the same way.

I have been with you guys since the the 1Wrestling days and have watched all of the things that you put in place when you pioneered the online coverage of wrestling that many people do now.  Do you ever hear from any of those people?  Do they thank you for opening the door for them?

First off, thanks for the kind words and the decades of support.  I appreciate it.  Honestly, I never hear from any of them and frankly I don’t expect to.  Most people live in the now and their version of history is what they choose to believe.  With that said, there is one person who has told me that he appreciates the road I have traveled and that is Mike Johnson.  If I am being honest, he is the only one that matters to me on this subject.

Do you think wrestling fans tend to disappoint themselves and then shift the blame on the boomers? Case in point:When Saraya announced she was going to have a "mystery partner" for her tag match against Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, everyone expected Mercedes Mone (the former Sasha Banks)and when it turned out to be Toni Storm they were disappointed even tho it was reported that Mercedes wasn't going to be in Los Angeles around the time if the match and there was no news anywhere that she was debuting for AEW.

Yes and no.  I do think that they build up big announcement hype to almost always be larger than what it is, but I also think in this case, Tony Khan bears some responsibility for dangling that carrot out there.  I have always felt it was better not to build expectations.  Then when you have a surprise, people appreciate it.  If it’s not a big deal, you haven’t let them down.

If WWE is going to go through with Cody winning the WWE title against Reigns at WM, do you think HHH would reach out to Tony Khan and allow Dustin to be seen on camera celebrating with his brother and paying tribute to their dad?  I think it would be fitting, but would Tony allow it if WWE gave something in return?

I can't say either way.  We do know Billy Gunn wasn't at Raw XXX so if I am guessing, if (and that's a big if) Cody wins the belt, I would guess Dustin will not be there.

When will Roman Reigns hold the Title for 3 years?

Do the math. 365 days on a year. The look at the day count that they gave you on Friday night. Do the math. 365 x 3. But don’t forget. You will be wrong if you don’t account for Leap Year in 2024.

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