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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-25 13:15:00

Ring of Honor issued the following:


Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal

A week ago the lives of so many were shook to their core by the tragic death of Jamin Pugh, professionally known as Jay Briscoe. Wrestlers from across the landscape and in locker rooms around the world took to social media to express their sorrow at the loss of this spectular athlete, this dear friend, this amazing son, this beloved brother, this special father, this cherished husband. Over his twenty-plus years competing inside the squared circle, Jay Briscoe touched the hearts of those with whom he shared locker rooms, as well as the fans who watched him in every promotion from CZW to ECWA, from Pro Wrestling NOAH to the NWA, from GCW to HOG to NEW, and to his home since the company's 2002 founding, Ring of Honor Wrestling. He and brother Mark captured the attention of those watching them on VHS, DVD, PPV , and live in venues from St. Michael's Parish Hall to Madison Square Garden. From the beginning, even before they had their first professional match and were merely training under Jim Kettner and Glen Osbourne, Jay and Mark just felt special, and that feeling grew to make them one of the most important tag teams in pro wrestling's last twenty years.

They are the foundation of Ring of Honor, from the first official match to winning their 13th ROH World Tag Team Championship at FINAL BATTLE 2022, no two men have represented Ring of Honor more fervently than Jay and Mark Briscoe, and there are no two men as beloved by their peers as Dem Boyz from Sandy Fork. One of those men who has come to know and love The Briscoes over the last twenty years is Jay Lethal; from simply sharing locker rooms in ROH's earliest days to building one of the great rivalries in the company's history, Lethal bonded with Jay and Mark in the way wrestlers do best, through battles inside the ring over the ROH World Championship, the ROH World TV Title, and the ROH World Tag Team Titles, but also backstage in conversations about their lives and families.

That is why this Wednesday night, in honor of Jay Briscoe and in celebration of his 39th birthday, Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal have requested to meet one another inside the AEW ring to pay tribute to their fallen brother. Now in their head-to-head bouts over the years, Lethal is 5-0-1 against Mark, including two World TV Title defenses in 2015, with that No Contest finish coming in their last collision at HONOR UNITED 2019: NIGHT ONE. That bout was a bit more of a violent affair, blood and whatnot being spilled, but this one is not about that animosity long buried, it is about the love for Jay Briscoe the wrestler, the love for Jamin Pugh the man, and paying tribute to him in front of the entire world.

Jay, Jamin, we all love you, we miss you dearly, and will cherish every moment; this one is for you...

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