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By Cory Strode on 2023-01-25 04:31:00

Our commentary team is David McLane, Steven Dickey, and AJ Mendez

Episode 19: The Return of the Beast

New opener for the show.

Exile: Genesis and Exodus w/Malia Hosaka vs The Heavy Metal Sisters: Razor and Fury w/Mezmeriah

We start off with Razor and Exodus with Razor getting a side headlock. Exodus works her way out, but Razor takes her down and holds her down. Razor turns it into an armbar, and Razor gets to her corner and tags in Fury. Fury hits a lariat to the back of Exodus for a two count. Exodus escapes and tags in Genesis, who hits a Thesz Press and then gives Fury stomps. They keep Fury in their corner and work her over.

Fury is whipped into the ropes and is dropped with a kick to the midsection. Exodus is tagged in Fury is able to get up and returns the favor, standing on Exodus in the ropes and Mezmeriah attacks her and the ref is, as always, distracted. Fury covers Exodus for two. She covers again for two. Razon tags in and they work over Exodus in their corner. Razor covers for two. They fight in the ropes and Exodus is able to get to her corner and tags in Genesis. They get the hi lo leg sweep and a cover for two.

Razor misses a spin kick and then takes her to her corner to tag in Fury. They work her over in their corner. They use quick tags and then hit a russian leg sweep/stroke on Genesis. Exodus breaks it up before the one count and they take Fury to their corner where all three women beat her down. Everyone is in the ring and as Exodus is tossed to the ropes, Mezmeriah grabs her. Exodus escapes as Razor and Fury run into her, knocking Mezmeriah off the apron. 

Exodus and Genesis take out Razor with another hi lo as the ref is admonishing Malia. Exodus covers Razor for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Exiles

They have a nice recap of the match with video clips, which is new.  They then go over all of the upcoming matches with video clips recapping the feuds.

Jennifer Flores gets a video spotlight, she talks about how she is college for business and is attached to social media. She has overcome poverty and she thanks AJ for giving her an opportunity.

Jennifer Flores vs Gigi Gianni

They lock up collar and elbow and Gigi backs Jennifer into the corner. They break and Gigi slams Jennifer. Gigi lets her get up and locks on an arm bar, taking her down again. Jennifer is able to get a front headlock, and Gigi reverses it. Jennifer fires her off into the ropes, and goes for a slam, but Jennifer gets a schoolboy rollup for two. Jennifer gets a pair of arm drags and then a head scissors takedown. 

Gigi whips her into the ropes and gives her a kick to the midsection as she comes off the ropes and covers for two. Gigi keeps Jennifer in the ropes with a knee on her back until the ref makes her break. They fight in the corner and Gigi whips Jennifer to the far corner. Jennifer goes up and over, with an arm drag. She then gets a crucifix pin for two. Gigi hits a back breaker when they get up and covers for two.

Gigi hits a handspring senton for two. Gigi pulls her up by her hair and then gets a snap suplex. She goes for a second, and Jennifer reverses it and gets a small package for two. Gigi gets another slam and then puts a knee in Jennifer’s back and pulls back her arms. Jennifer fights to her feet and gets a series of kicks and a pair of flying clotheslines. Jennifer gets a springboard stunner for two.

Jennifer covers again for two. Gigi gets Jennifer up and gets an Oklahoma slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gigi Gianni

We then get a video of Coach Campanelli letting Randi Rah Rah know they have a match next week against the Tonga Twins. She then makes her do 355 jumping jacks to get in shape.

Reina Del Ray gets a video package about how she feels she should be the WOW champion. 

Sahara Spars vs Reina Del Rey

They lock up and Reina shoves her into the corner. Sahara escapes and they move to waistlocks. Spars gets a splashes in the corner and Reina clotheslines her way out of the corner. Spars is able to get a few blows in the corner, and Reina hits a chest blow, dropping Spars to the mat.

Reina tosses her to the corner and puts her on top. Spars is able to get a sunset flip follows with a drop kick and a insigiri. Spars locks on an octopus stretch and Reina powers her way out of it. Sp[ars hits a lariat from the back and covers for two. Reina locks on a face grab and then a series of strikes to Spars’ chest. Reina hits the Low Rider (hanging the legs on the top rope and then hitting a neck breaker) and covers for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Reina Del Rey

We get a recap of how Big Rig Betty and Holly Swag got involved in WOW and set up this week’s six woman tag team match.

Jessie Jones, Holly Swag, and Big Rig Betty vs Ice Cold, Disciplinarian, and GI Jane w/Samantha Smart

Betty and Jane start off and Betty shoves her into the corner but breaks clean. They lock up again and Jane is able to get Betty into the corner. She gets a hip attack and Betty pulls Jane to their corner. Holly tags in and Jane shoves her back to her corner, knocking her off her feet.

Ice is tagged in and Holly gets a hip toss. Jennie is tagged in and gets a pair of arm drags. Holly is tagged back in. Ice gets a swinging neckbreaker and gets a one count. Disciplinatian is tagged in and they keep Holly in their corner, attacking her with Samantha Smart joining is as (say it with me now) the ref is distracted. Jane is tagged in and hits a body slam and a leg drop for a one count.

She keeps Holly in her corner and Disciplinarian is tagged in and hits a stalling front suplex for a cover and a two count. Ice is tagged in and hits a leaping neck breaker for a two count. Ice gets a stomp and then goes to the top Holly is able to get up and fall on the ropes to knock Ice to the mat. Disciplinarian and Jessie are tagged in and Jessie gets a drop toe hold. She then hits an elbow drop and then gets a series of short shoulder blocks. Jesse gets a shoulder block and then gets an arm bar and Disciplinarian has to tap out.

Winners: Jessie Jones, Holly Swag, and Big Rig Betty   

A definite production upgrade with this week’s show.

The team of Holly Swag and Big Rig Betty are Amazing Maria and Hollywood Haley J from OVW, a legit mother-daughter team. 

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