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By Kendall Jenkins on 2023-01-24 08:18:00


Taxes are one of life's sporadic certainties. People usually worry when they discover how much money they owe as a result of their lack of forward planning. Implementing smart, well-thought-out tax solutions can also significantly lower your tax obligations. A competent professional accountant can help if you think you’re overpaying in taxes than you should or if you desire to lower your tax obligation. When the 2017 tax reform package was passed, employees were no longer allowed to deduct costs associated with operating a home office for tax reasons. Although workers who work from home are likely to lose their tax deductions in 2022, as an employer, you may still provide a number of options to help staff members save money and get 1099 benefits while also advancing your company.

Deduct solely your home office costs:

Many workers are working from home as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, and tax advice makes it easier for them to feel comfortable filing their taxes. Instead of paying for office space, a salesman who lives outside of the company's headquarters might work from home. You cannot deduct any expenses for a home office if you worked only as an employee throughout the tax year. If you worked for yourself in some way, you might be able to write off the costs of your home office. If your home office is only used often for your self-employment, you could be entitled to write off a part of your costs related to your home, such as interest from your mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance for homeowners and utilities.

Use a plan that is accountable:

An accountable plan might be used to reimburse employees for particular home office costs. While the company deducts the money and avoids paying payroll taxes, employees might get tax-free money for costs. There are a few rules that many employees must follow, and they are as follows:

The cost must be connected to the company.

Employees must quickly provide proof of their spending (usually with a receipt).
Any additional allowance that workers are unable to prove must be paid back to their employer.
Internet usage, computers, software, office equipment, and supplies are all included in revenue expenses. Within 60 days, the employee must get the money.

Keeping a detailed record and save the receipt

You must provide correct documentation for any costs you deduct. The IRS advises maintaining a written logbook or record if there are problems with your property. You should also save proof of payment for any costs connected to taxes in case you get an IRS audit notice. Proof might take the form of an itemized receipt, canceled check, credit card or bank statement, or both. If you made a cash payment, the amount, the payee's name, and the payment date should all be shown on the receipt. Digital records are typically sufficient to cover your annual tax payments as long as you can get them when you need them. If you open a business bank account, it can simplify tracking business spending. Plus, a 1099 tax calculator can help with all your calculations. 

Using the direct technique if it yields more deductions

Another method to deduct income from work done from home in 2022 is the direct method. This means keeping track of all your home office expenses as well as any expenses for repairs and upkeep. Additionally, based on how the room compares to the rest of your house, you might be able to deduct a part of other costs. Your deduction will probably vary based on the method you choose, the ratio of the square footage of your home office to the total square footage of your residence, and your housing expense. If you utilize the direct approach and own the house, you must take into account the depreciation of a piece of the property. You won't need to concern yourself with tax calculations if you use the straightforward method to claim the simplified home office deduction.

In conclusion

When working from home, employees who must cover business expenses may be entitled to reimbursement from their employer. Reimbursements are often tax-free as long as your company provides a responsible plan. This indicates that you must submit an expense report or use another form of cost accounting. It is nearly always better to get a refund for something than to try to get a tax deduction for the same cost and FlyFin can help you find every tax deduction.

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