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By Eric Denton on 2023-01-23 13:55:00

“For Jay”


The Bucks and Cutler make the drive to Fresno, CA and talk about the passing of Jay Briscoe. The Jacksons are in a state of shock and they reiterate a lot of the same things the wrestling community has said about Jay. They said Dynamite was voluntary for roster members but they felt it would be good to be around friends of Jay. Matt says the original goal was to get the three best brother tag teams into AEW (Mark & Jay - Penta & Fenix - Bucks) but they couldn’t make it happen. They’re thankful they were able to keep Ring of Honor going so the Briscoes could go out on a high note professionally. They give their love to Jay’s wife and children and Mark. 

Cutler cam highlights of Young Bucks vs Top Flight.

After the match the Bucks put over how good Top Flight has become. They talk about Jay some more and how they in a haze and forgot the trios titles. Nick says it’s crazy how the business keeps moving forward and but it was good to be around those who knew Jay.

Nick Nemeth went on a snowboarding trip and gives a recap with a couple of local snowboarders who tell stories about how great Nick is at it. Video footage by Nick’s girlfriend proves otherwise. 

Adam Cole talks to the camera saying how when he left they weren’t in a great place but he missed “you guys” even the kisses on his cheeks. He’s happy to be back. It’s revealed he’s talking to John Silver & Alex Reynolds. Silver says now that he’s on his own that maybe he’d like to join The Dark Order. Cole says he loves the idea but he hated being called “Budge”. Silver & Reynolds apologize and say they’ll stop. Evil Uno enters and says “great to see you Budge” which upsets Cole. He leaves . Silver grabs Uno and they yell at him because he ruined Cole joining them. 

After the show Christopher Daniels joins The Bucks & Cutler for the ride home. They’re thankful they got to hear some good news about Jay’s daughters and got a message from Mark. They were glad they got to have a road trip together for the first time in a long while to talk and stop at In N Out and get bags of candy they used to eat as kids.  

Until next week, Be Elite!

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