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By Cory Strode on 2023-01-23 08:21:00

Our commentary team is David McLane, Steven Dickey, and AJ Mendez

Episode 18: The Return of the Beast

BK Rhythm and Robbie Rocket vs Coach Campanelli and Randi Rah Rah

BK has a rap when she hits the ring, and no, it’s not as good as Max Caster’s.

BK and Randi start with BK tossing Randi to the corner, and Randi goes up and over. Randi gets a drop toe hold and a standing moonsault for a two count, broken up by Robbie. Coach is tagged in and they keep BK down, and Coach gets on her hands and knees to be a platform for a cartwheel by Randi and Coach covers for two. BK is able to get free and tag in Robbie, but Coach gets a leg sweep on Robbie for one.

Randi is tagged in and she whips Robbie into the corner, and then follows with a cartwheel into Robbie, a back elbow and a snap mare to cover for two. Robbie up and flips Randi over her shoulder for BK to grab her, but Randi hits a back elbow to escape. Robbie is able to hit a back suplex and gets in a stomp. Randi is whipped into BK’s corner and BK tags in and hits a sidewalk slam. Robbie is tagged in and takes Randi down with a clothesline for a two.

Robbie beats down Randi and then her and BK tag in out and quickly. Randi is able to reverse their double suplex and takes both BK and Robbie down so that she can tag in Coach.  Coach cleans house. Coach hits an evenflow DDT and follows with a swinging neckbreaker. BK distracts the ref as Coach hits an elbow and then assists with Randi to hit a Swanton bomb. Coach covers for the pin and the win.

Winners: Coach Campanelli and Randi Rah Rah

David comes into the ring and asks about their unorthodox friendship. Coach then blows her whistle and says they won the match because of her and Coach knows best. Coach then tells her that if Randi listens to her, they will go to the top.  Coach keeps cutting off Randi when she tries to talk.

Siren the Voodoo Doll does a reading and lets Kandi Krush know no one she picks as a partner will be faithful to her.  

Foxxy Fierce and Chantilly Chella vs Holidead and Chainsaw

AJ says she wants to take her break before the match starts because Siren scares her.

Chainsaw and Chella start, with Chella hitting a series of kicks. Chainsaw whips Chella into the ropes, but she is  ble to dodges Chainsaw’s attack and tags in Foxxy and Holidead is also tagged in. Foxxy hits a drop kick and a head scissors takedown. Foxxy gets a two count. Foxxy goes to come off the ropes, but Siren grabs a foot. Holidead is able to use that to get a kick to the face and then a series of kicks, ending with choking Foxxy on the second rope with Siren holding Foxxy’s arms.

Chainsaw tags in and gets a leg drop and a two count. Foxxy is tossed into Chainsaw’ corner and gets worked over there. Holidead takes Foxxy to another corner and slams her head into the top turnbuckle. Holidead makes sure to knock Chella off the apron before going back to work. Foxxy is able to get a drop kick, but has no one to tag. Holidead gets an elbow drop on Foxxy’s leg. Holidead whips Foxxy into the ropes, and Foxxy comes off with a sunset flip and a two count.

Foxxy gets an insigiri. Both women crawl to the corners, and both get the tags. Chella gets a series of kicks on Chainsaw and then slams Holidead and Chainsaw’s heads together. Chella shoves Holidead into Chainsaw and then rams into Chainsaw so that Holidead takes a DDT from Chainsaw.

OK, that move was unique.  

Chella gets a one count. Chella then leaps off the top and is caught by Chainsaw. Foxxy then leaps onto Chainsaw and knocks her down with her and Chella on top for a two count. Chella gets a series of kicks, but Chainsaw shoves Chella to the corner. Foxxy gets a series of shoulders from the outside and tries for a sunset flip from the apron, but Chainsaw holds onto the ropes to block it.

Kandi Krush comes front he back and takes out Holidead and Siren, then comes into the ring and knocks Chainsaw’s hands off the ropes so that Chella can get the pin and the win with Foxxy’s help.

Winners: Foxxy Fierce and Chantilly Chella

Kandy grabs a mic and says they can’t run from her forever and she will fight her next week with her friends. 

We get a recap of Holly Swag and Big Rig Betty being brought into the company last week. Their first match is next week.

David is in the ring to interview The Beast. Beast comes out on crutches. He asks when she will be able to defend her title. Beast says that she was given a deadline to get back in the ring, she went through everything the doctors told her to do. Then, she was attacked. Beast says she doesn't know when she can come back. Beast then says she has to relinquish the title. 

Jungle Girl (in her first appearance on this version of WOW) comes out. Jungle Girl says that they have had their ups and downs, and she should not give up the title since the attack was cowardly. She talks about her battle with stage 4 breast cancer and how she overcame that. She says champions fight for theirs, and she knows Beast will be bigger and badder than before. She then says Beast will have the title belt again. Beast agrees to let Jungle Girl help her rehab and return to the ring.

Tormenta w/Sophia Lopez vs Vivian Rivera 

They lock up collar and elbow and then break. They lock up again and move to waistlocks. Vivian takes down Tormenta and then ties her legs up.  Tormenta is able to escape and turn it into a crab submission as Vivian gets to the ropes. Tormenta gets an insigiri and follows up with a whip across the ring. Vivian goes up for a cross body, but is caught and Tormenta gets a sidewalk slam. 

Tormenta gets a sliding drop kick and a double knee drop and a two count. Vivian is able to knock Tormenta off the ropes and lock in a double arm bar. Vivian then ties up the legs into a sharp shooter. She lets go of it and Tormenta is able to get a double underhook, Vivian is able to get out and then hits a slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Vivian Rivera

We get a recap leading up to the main event.

Leia Makoa and Tiki Chamorra vs Penelope Pink and Vickie Lynn McCoy w/Lana Starr

Leia and Vickie start off, locking up and neither can get the upper hand. They lock up again and go to waistlocks. Leia gets an arm drag and when Pink comes in, she gets an arm drag as well. Pick in clotheslined out of the ring. Leia gets a kick on Vickie and grabs a wristlock and works her arm with it. Tiki is tagged in and comes in with a hammer strike from the second rope. Tiki gets a cover and a two count. 

Pink is tagged in and Tiki gets an elbow thrust knock down followed by a drop kick when Pink gets up. Tiki tries to charge into the corner, but Pink dodges it. Pink then charges into the corner with a knee to the jaw and a cover for two. Tiki is held in the wrong corner as Leia tries to come in to save her, only to be held back by the ref.  Vickie is tagged in and slams Tiki to the mat. She then tosses Tiki by her hair into her corner for Pink to tag in and stomp in. They tag in and out quickly. 

Tiki is able to get up and hit the double noggin knocker (Thanks Gorilla) and a double DDT. Tiki makes it to her corner and Leia makes the tag, but the ref does not see it and forces her back out on the apron. Tiki kicks Vickie back and tags in Leia. Leia takes on both opponents with head butts. Leia hits a Samoan drop on Pink and then hits one on Vickie for the cover, but Pink breaks it up.

Tiki is able to get a Tiger Fade kick (the 619) on Pink and Leia gets a spine buster on Vickie. Leia then uses Tiki for a cazadora slam and covers Vickie, but Lana pulls her off. Vickie is able to get a Pink Thunder Bomb on Tiki while Leia is dealing with Starr and Pink on the outside. Vickie covers for the pin and the win.

Winners: Penelope Pink and Vickie Lynn McCoy

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