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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-25 10:00:00

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See how the ref wear black gloves when wrestlers bleed, could the actual workers not have worn them themselves during that women’s Rampage main event? Assuming they had to have as much blood as they did?

They could have dressed them in all black glove material.  That match was hard for me to watch.  The blood is disgusting to me.

Any word on what the plans for Damage CTRL are going into Mania Season? The Becky story hinted a tear in the group but feels way too soon to break them up unless it was only supposed to be a shorter term thing to setup a feud. I'm writing this prior to RAW. 

I think we will see where things are going after the Rumble next week.  I don’t know what the plans are now because WWE hasn’t revealed them.

If Vince McMahon is looking to selling the WWE, would it be advisable for him to sell to NBC Universal? They, in turn let the Levesques and Nick Khan run the company? A second scenario, could Stephanie, Hunter, and others pool enough resources to buyout Vince's shares?

I have said from day one that NBCU makes the most sense, provided they can get the company at a price that they feel is worth it to them.  The synergy just makes the most sense.  I don’t see The Levesques putting together a consortium to buy it.  The problem is that the vast majority of WWE revenue comes from TV rights fees and no one knows what the new deals will bring WWE.

Why does AEW put no Effort into promoting Battle of the Belts specials?

I can’t say for sure but since AEW gives away most of their hot matches on Dynamite, the specials aren’t really very special.  They are just more programming.

Do you think WWE is in kind of a weird spot w/ Seth Rollins? It seems like he’s turning face if he hasn’t already. However, he kind of has a built in feud w/ Cody Rhodes when he returns. Assuming Cody comes back is a face, this puts them in a tough spot to explain what Seth did to put him out. Doesn’t it?

There are ways to do it.  

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