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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-24 10:00:00

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In your opinion, what entity would be the worst and most irresponsible to own WWE, if they buy WWE… besides the Saudis?

I can’t think of anyone even close.

If the Khans end up buying WWE and merging it with AEW (shudder), who wins the political power plays… The Game, Triple H or Tony’s Friends, The Elite?

Vince, since he gets paid big money.  HHH also makes a lot of money as well.  But if it was bought, Tony has the power.

So I saw someone signal boost Vince Russo’s idea that Steve Austin should beat Roman Reigns and vacate both titles.  Now before we castrate Vinnie Ru (and deservedly so) for his bad ideas, would doing this really hurt WWE that bad?  Austin vs Roman could probably sell Wrestlemania 39 out. The audience gets to see WWE’s greatest babyface dethrone their biggest heel and give Stunners to his minions like Austin did to the Corporation and the Nation and the Hart Foundation.  The match isn’t going to suck, Roman can work around Austin’s limitations and Austin himself is a hair tougher than a normal 58 year old.  This question is getting long So going with the pros I listed, would Stone Cole versus Roman Reigns really be a bad idea for Wrestlemania 39?

It’s not a stupid idea.  It’s a really, really stupid idea, which is understandable considering who came up with it.  Having a champion who has been reigning for that long, lose to a 58 year old man, is a new level of Russo stupid.  Anyone with a brain realizes that whoever beats Roman gets a huge rub and Austin sure as hell isn’t the person to give that to.  WWE needs to use beating Roman as a springboard for another talent.

I began recently listening to Bruce Prichard's podcast and listened to the episode regarding Brian Pillman, first of all your thoughts on Pillman’s career. Secondly what’s holding him back from the hall of fame, I there’s some controversy surrounding his death, but he’s been in video games, dvd’s books the lot, he’s pretty much a Hart and Steve Austin is a close friend. Just seems strange he hasn’t got the nod to take his place.

He was a stud Cruiserweight who realized that at that time that could limit how he would be pushed so he transformed himself into a great character.  I don’t see any reason he couldn’t be inducted into the HOF.  It’s not like he was Chris Benoit.

And on the subject on Bruce’s podcast, is this something you listen to? If so, at times he pans what wrestling journalists say (particularly Meltzer) What’s your feelings on this?

I do not listen to him.  I don’t have the time or frankly the desire to do so.  I don’t listen to a whole lot of podcasts but I do check out specific episodes of shows where there is news to be had in them.  I only listen to one podcast religiously, Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights.  I didn’t even intend to do that but when they started the show at the start of the NFL season, they hooked me.  What do you expect from an Eagles’ fan?

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