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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-22 10:00:00

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Why is it that Hogan says what he said on his infamous tape and he is forgiven yet Jay Briscoe is never forgiven despite repenting over and over again? Lots of folk have said various things we wish we could take back. We own up to our actions as adults, apologize and work to make ourselves and the situation better. Jay was never given that chance. Any ideas as to why?

He was forgiven by a lot of people, for sure.  Decent people respect what he did to right the wrong.  I think Warner Brothers Discovery should be ashamed of themselves.  They allow a guy to use a pizza cutter on their network, that’s OK.  People bleed like stuck pigs.  That’s fine.  People curse like drunken sailors.  No worries.  A guy makes a bad statement and then apologizes and becomes more learned and they won’t let him on TV.  They are embarrassing.

Would it be a problem if an episode of WWE NXT had only men’s matches and no women’s matches (instead, the women would only have an in-ring segment) and if so, why?

Only if Saudi Arabia buys WWE.

It’s funny to me to read the mailbag and see that one about it feeling like Vince was in charge; I got the exact opposite vibe. I felt like this was HHH asserting his vision, especially with the Becky/Bailey segment. Bringing up the past, talking about their time in NXT; it’s exactly the kind of thing Vince hated and didn’t let people do. Is this just what the next few months are going to be like – some people seeing Vince, some people seeing HHH, and nobody really knowing what’s what?

Some people always want to see things that aren’t there and believe things that aren’t true.  They trust “their gut” over facts.  A sucker is born every minute, for sure.

With PWInsider reporting that Bianca Belair and Montez Ford set to be at the NFL playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars, how would thing be handled if they bumped into Tony Khan (who's family owns the Jaguars)?  I would imagine that, due to their current deals with WWE, they would be somewhat limited in what they are legally discuss.

I am sure it would be polite conversation.  There is nothing business-wise that they should discuss.  They are independent contractors, not management.  What they should definitely do though is tell Tony he should send me a thank you email for campaigning that his team hire Doug Pederson.  I am still waiting.

I don't watch wrestling like I used to do maybe I'm missing something, but why doesn't the Alpha Academy get a better push? The amount of talent with Gable and Otis, not to mention raw power, IMO this team should be a modern day Hart Foundation. Or push Otis as a monster singles competitor. Looks like a lot of seriously wasted potential to me.

It started when Vince McMahon was booking.  Blame him.  It’s hard to just immediately turn them into serious competitors but it can be done.  I hope it happens.  There is a lot of potential there. 

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