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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-20 10:00:00


Any chance The Briscoes go into the 2300 Arena Hardcore Hall of Fame?

I think it's way too soon to discuss such things, but let's be honest, they would have been in there one day either way, so I am sure at some point it will happen.  They'd been working in that venue since December 2001 for CZW, ROH, House of Hardcore, etc.  Right now, however, I think all the attention and energy should be directed towards Jay's children.

Is the new MLW show going to be live or taped?

My guess is the show will be taped.  REELZ's programming has mostly been taped thus far, although On Patrol Live is a beast of a different animal.  I don't believe MLW will be doing regular live programming there, although they have done live broadcasts on BeIn Sport in the past.

Would WWE have to reveal how much money Vince McMahon paid Rita Marie?

Not to the best of my knowledge.  My impression is that settlement came from McMahon personally before he returned to his position in WWE, so the company would have zero to do with the situation.  I don't believe it would end up being determined as falling under their accounting the way the other payments were by the company's investigation.

Does this open the door for Rita Marie to make future appearances in wrestling?

I don't know that she would want to take bookings.  She's in her 60s, so it's not like she's going to get back in the ring and referee.  She's made some appearances in conjunction with the International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Albany, NY and my feeling is those will continue.

Should we expect Santino to wrestle in Impact?

He's had some neck issues in the past, so I don't expect he'll be doing anything inside the ring on a consistent basis, but I haven't heard a definitive no.  So, I'd say it's within the realm of possibility but I don't believe he's back to build to regular appearances as a wrestler.

Have you ever been to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Iowa?  Is it worth checking out.

Yes, I visited the Museum and Hall in Waterloo once a few years ago while driving cross-country.  It's an absolutely great place to visit.  The pro wrestling section is a smaller area within a much greater museum celebrating collegiate wrestling but to me, it's an absolute must-see and if you are in Waterloo, you can actually stop by what was the hotel where the first-ever meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance took place as well.  For more, click here.

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