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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-19 10:00:00


I've been thinking about Royal Rumble surprises and who the biggest one could be.  Do you think Ric Flair could be in it?  What would be your pick?

I don't think WWE would ever medically clear Ric Flair to do anything physical, much less be in the Rumble. 

The biggest surprise is easy - The glass breaks in Texas and Steve Austin works the match as a massive surprise.  In my mind, you aren't going to get ANY sort of surprise that would be bigger, not even The Rock.

I saw you said you could see Vince McMahon appearing on Raw 30.  I wonder how you feel about people saying you reported he WOULD be there.

I feel they should google "Reading Comprehension."  I specifically wrote "guessing" in the headline of that Q&A!

Why didn't AEW do more to celebrate Jay Briscoe last night?

I can assure you that wasn't an AEW call.  I can also assure you that AEW, Tony Khan and ROH will be doing everything in their power to celebrate him and support the Briscoe family going forward, just as they did Brodie Lee's family. 

Whatever happened to Christian Cage in AEW?

He's been recovering from a torn tricep I believe.

Do you think The Rock shows up on Raw this Monday?

I'd say they are certainly poised for that angle if they want to pull that trigger.  Whether they do it or not remains to be seen, but he doesn't have to physically be anywhere if they want to do something - they can always have him on the Titantron to announce he will be appearing at X show.

I was wondering when ECW had contracts and whether they were just like an indy where guys worked dates there with no guarantees, etc. before then?

I don't think there were any formal contracts until the first PPV came around, which would be 1997.  Before that era, talents were guaranteed verbally they would be booked on shows, but it wasn't a formal "Taz has 100 dates guaranteed" sort of thing.  ECW was a fly by night business as opposed to a corporate structure and there were no guaranteed contracts until much later but the majority of talents took their responsibilities and loyalties to it very, very seriously.  There were several reasons for that - it was the only place that had ever been willing to invest in some of those names, it was a very special place that people took a lot of pride in at the time and since the booking was so great and there was such a buzz for the product, talents knew it was their best shot at being seen and potentially scouted for big money deals elsewhere.

Who was the first pro wrestler you ever met?

I've told this story many times - Big John Studd when I was like 9 or 10.  He was awesome.

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