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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-17 10:00:00

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One of your competitors stated that Stephanie McMahon is “gone for good” from WWE.  Then he stated, “she may never be back.”.  My question is this: If she is gone for good doesn't that, by definition, mean that she will never be back?

That is certainly what I take it to mean.  I would have phrased it differently.  "Not only has she decided to take a leave of absence from the company, she also tendered her resignation and she may never go back.”  At the end of the day, if somehow Vince leaves again, I think she would go back so I am not ready to say she is done for good.  She’s done for now.

Does WWE still distribute their pay-per-views on traditional cable providers?

I assumed so but since I haven't had cable in years, I had to go check.  Xfinity lists WWE PPVs for sale, which is funny since they pay WWE to house The WWE Network on Peacock!  So yes, they still do the tradition deal.

If Vince McMahon was never able to return to WWE and refused to agree to a sale or TV rights deal, as he threatened to do as the majority shareholder, how would that scenario have played out for the company?

If he really did that, and cost the company millions of dollars he would have, at minimum, faced lawsuits from the shareholders.  He probably would have face more consequences than that if he made that ridiculously selfish and stupid move.

Just getting around to watching RAW now. Not sure if it was just me, but it sure sounded a lot like the bad old days. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought Vince was in Graves’ ear all night.

I think it's just recency bias on your part.  Down the road, who knows though.

I don't know much about the stock exchange, so could you explain how after the WWE stock went up last year as a direct result of Vince's resignation, it also went up as a result of Vince's return?  His resignation and return are the exact opposite situations, so why would both bring the stock up?

It went up when he left because his dangling dingle was a huge potential liability for the company and by him leaving, the problem went with him.  The stock went up upon his return because of his stated intention to seek a sale.  Investors think they will be paid well for the shares if they sell.

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