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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-16 10:00:00

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Prior to 2018, women did not get to compete in a Royal Rumble match (the likes of Chyna, Beth Phoenix and Kharma competed in the 30-man Royal Rumble match, however), but what is the problem with not having WWE's female talents getting to have their own Royal Rumble match? Would there be major backlash from fans and PR as gender equality is in full swing?


Let's say an absolute worst-case scenario happens where the Saudis end up buying WWE, effectively killing it, and AEW either can't get a new TV deal, or the TV deals they get offered are bad enough that Shahid steps in and tells Tony "I've let you have your fun with our money the last few years, but you're not making a profit, so it's time to cut our losses, and we're ending this."  Do you see any way the wrestling scene in the US would ever recover?

It would be a huge blow, for sure.  With that said, I think NBCU would reach out to Stephanie McMahon about putting together a new company for them.  NBCU loves the ratings that they get from WWE and I think they would definitely consider trying to start something on their own.  I can't say that they would do it but I think that is our best hope if those two things happened.

Do you have a personal list of people or companies that you think Vince WOULD NOT sell WWE to?

Honestly?  I can't think of any.  As long as he gets the price he wants, I think he would sell to anyone.  Hell, he is talking about selling to the Saudis, which he knows would be really bad for the long term of WWE.  I don't think he cares.  This sale will be about him and what's good for Vince McMahon.

With the potential sale of WWE to a Saudi investment company, what are the odds,  if the sale goes through that HHH and Steph jump ship and work for the competition?

I don't think they will go to work for an existing company.  They will get paid very well for their stock and won't need the money.  As I said above, I could definitely see NBCU reaching out to them about starting a new company, "From the people who brought you Monday Night Raw......"

Mr. McMahon sure is a lot of things, I called him a lot of names and felt a variety of emotions towards him: from respect to disdain, but I don't think I've ever truly hated him until now. He took a WWE that proved all the market wrong when it marched on without him, without missing a beat. A WWE that showed signs of changing for the better, while maintaining strong revenues and breaking gate records. He takes that, and because it's not him, for his own selfish interests makes a ruthless power play. I'll say this much: if he truly sells to the Saudis, I am done with wrestling, period. I'm not willing to support either a clown show of AEW, or a WWE funded by the blood money of THAT government. Is it an over-simplification to say that this is the final legacy of a visionary promoter: a memory of him just being a sore loser and a bad, bad human being?

As I said above, I think the only thing that matters to Vince is Vince.  I can't argue one bit with your assessment of him.  I agree that he has really tarnished his legacy, bigly as his good friend would say.

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