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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-10 10:00:00

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WWE has been Vince’s entire life- and he can’t stay away. Is he really willing to give it all up?  It’s like he’s thinking “if I can’t have it, you won’t either.”  If it was sold, do you see him starting another promotion?

I don’t see him starting another promotion if he sells, nor do I see any buyer allowing him to do it.  I do think at 77 years old, for a huge price he would be willing to part with it.  It would be a great win for him at the end of his road.  Let’s not forget that the sponsors and partners never had to make any stand about Vince because he left before it became an issue.  If he came back and ran the product again, it would force them to then make a stand one way or the other.  It may make the TV partners decide not to renew and the vast majority of TV money comes from the TV rights fees.  Those very fees and the uncertainty that surrounds WWE on its next deal are exactly why I think Vince will seriously consider selling.

As Chairman of the BoD, what power does Vince really wield?  Can he just name himself CEO again?  Can he just oust HHH and take over creative at a whim?  I know they said nothing was changing, but how real is a Vince taking over everything scenario? 

Technically, as the man who controls the voting power, he can pretty much do whatever he wants in the company.  Of course, if he did do that it would then put his TV partners and sponsors in a position of deciding whether they want to work with him, which as I mentioned above they never had to do before.

Has it ever occurred to you that Vince stepping down, only to force himself back in, was designed to work the inverters, shareholders and anybody rich enough to wanna buy WWE? Was it a work on the rich and powerful to make them part with their money.

I think he stepped down because it was the only smart move that he could make at the time.  I always knew that there was a chance he would come back though.  He’s Vince.  I don’t think he made the move as part of a grand plan though.

If the Saudis buy WWE, what would happen to the likes of MVP, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens?  Would it be smart if they all resign before the sale is finalized?

I think anyone who has an issue with the Saudis would ask for their release before the deal was consummated and I think WWE would give it to them.  The bigger issue I see is if the Saudis do buy it, what TV companies will want to work with them?  As mentioned above, WWE’s money comes from TV deals.

Do you really buy the reason Vince McMahon returning has to do with selling the company? It smells of a smoke screen and next he'll be back in creative firing everyone that was re-hired along with others as he wants revenge. I'm expecting Vince to show up on Raw and challenge Triple H to a match at WM (both parties pick a representative) with the stipulation that the winner takes full control of WWE. The loser must leave the company. Would it be fair to say anyone currently in AEW that wanted to return to WWE is now gonna stay put with Vince returning? 

Well technically, he could do all of that now if he wanted to.  I think he will seriously seek out offers both because he wants to do so since him returning in his old role could cause huge problems for the company, as mentioned above, and also because they made public statements that caused the stock to shoot up in price.  I don’t see them ever being stupid enough to use Vince’s indiscretions in a huge angle like that.

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