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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-07 10:00:00


What do you think about people who still think the Montreal Screwjob was a work and Bret Hart has been in on it all these years?

I think that's a moronic point of view.  Here's why.  If everyone was in on it, why would they have continued working after Owen Hart passed away in May 1999?  They would have immediately dropped all pretenses to what would have been a "wrestling storyline."  Except they didn't, because it wasn't a wrestling storyline.  It was a legitimate thing that happened and people that believe otherwise are ridiculous in my mind.  Bret Hart's version of events hasn't wavered one iota since November 1997.  There's a reason for that.  It was a legitimate situation.

If Vince McMahon ends up back in charge of WWE, can he bring John Laurinaitis back?

Of course he could.    No one can tell him no.  He would have the power to bring anyone in he felt would be of value to the company.  I am sure there will be some who would protest such a move, with VERY good reason, but at the end of the day, Vince is the controlling stockholder and he can make whatever moves he wants to make.   It's not like history hasn't shown previously that Ace was out of power and then brought back into a major executive role by McMahon once before - so it could certainly happen again.  It is NOT outside the realm of possibility in my eyes.

If Vince McMahon returns, who's office does he take over?

No one's.  I am told his office has been sitting there in Titan Tower untouched since his retirement.  It's his for the taking.

WWE brought back lots of staff and wrestlers after Vince McMahon exited.  What happens to them if he's back in the driver's seat?

That is a VERY good question and one no one has answers for that at this time.   While his statement claimed he wasn't looking to change anything in the management side of WWE, does anyone believe for a second that Vince is just going to want to head the Board of Directors and not wield power on creative leading into Wrestlemania or any other aspect of the company?  Come on.  You have a better chance of Eric Bischoff, Tony Khan and Dixie Carter all announcing they are joining the United States Olympic Gymnastics team than Vince being hands off with WWE now that he's back.

Why did Samoa Joe cut Wardlow's hair and then he disappeared?

Uh, he wanted a haircut?  I have no other theory, viable or not, that makes any sense.  

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