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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-05 10:00:00

Isn't it stupid to announce there might be an Iron Man match if Bryan Danielson can win these matches?  The PPV is months from now.  How are we supposed to care?

Well, I'd much rather have AEW announce something now in an attempt to build Danielson's run to gain his title match knowing what the end result could be.  One, it means we'd have a main event theoretically in place well in advance when recent AEW shows haven't had that luxury.  Two, it gives fans a chance to get behind Danielson as part of a story that plays out over several weeks.  I am fine with all of that personally.  If your sports team is trying to make it to the playoffs, are you bored knowing that they'll get there if they keep winning?  I don't think so.  I see this as similar.

August 1990 in my hometown of Utica NY. The wwf/e put on SummerSlam fever. Was an awesome time for me as it was my first time seeing hulk Hogan live. I had heard a rumor which maybe you can shed some light on. The rumor was that Hogan was supposed to wrestle that night against dino bravo. However I heard Hogan had thought the Utica memorial auditorium was too small for someone like him to wrestle at so that's why they went with the brother love segment. Any truth to this rumor?

I don't believe there is anything to this.  That show, based on records I've checked, was a TV taping.  Hogan didn't wrestle on 99% of the tapings in that era.  There was a story about  scheduled Hogan vs. Bravo match that was advertised and then canceled, but that was in Montreal, where Bravo was a big name, so I could see why WWF didn't want to chance the crowd turning on Hogan or turning ugly when Bravo lost.  My best bet is the two different instances were fused into one rumor.

What do make of the NWA Powerrr show taking everything off YouTube to go to FITE only to be back on YT again?

My educated guess is the existing deal with FITE expired and the two sides decided not to renew.

I saw on your Madison Square Garden report that Sheamus went from being advertised for the main event to being moved to the opening match when Drew McIntyre was pulled from the show.  Has that ever happened before - someone scheduled for a main event in MSG but instead work the opener?

I don't know for sure but the closest equivalent I can remember is that in 1993 or 1994, there was a Shawn Michaels vs. 1-2-3 Kid match advertised as one of the top matches for an MSG show but Michaels and the promotion had a flareup and he left for a bit.  Instead, Sean Waltman worked the opener, losing to the late Bastion Booger.

Whatever happened to Superstar Graham?

Graham has been dealing with a myriad of health issues but still lives in Arizona.

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