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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-03 10:00:00

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Should WWE have pushed Jeff Jarrett to be a top star in 1999?  I don’t know about getting the belt, but I think Jeff had this heat about him that could’ve gotten fans to want to pay to see Stone Cold or the Rock beat the crap out of him on a PPV like No Mercy.  Did WWE leave money on the table by not elevating Double J to that level?

I like Jeff a lot but when you have The Rock and Austin on top, plus Undertaker, Kurt Angle, HHH, etc., I think they used Jarrett in the right way.

Since Seth Rollins is now a babyface, how should WWE deal with Seth and Cody Rhodes once Cody returns.  Should Cody turn heel?  Should they just kiss and make up (probably the likely scenario)?  Should they have some big babyface vs babyface match to main event Raw to the get the resentment out of their system before moving on to working programs with heels?

If both are faces when Cody returns, I would definitely acknowledge it some way.  It depends on the when Cody comes back.  Maybe they could have Rollins make the save for Cody as a mea culpa, something like that.

Everyone is waiting on the Bloodline to turn on Sami, what do you think of Sami turning on the Bloodline? A face Bloodline and heal Sami and KO would make a lot more money and could tell a hell of a story especially if they added 2 others (Canadians perhaps).

I like that idea because I have been saying for months now that it has to go down that way.  If The Bloodline turns on Sami, he isn’t a face, he’s just a guy that got turned on.  If he chooses to break from them, he’s the hero.

I’ve been to WWE shows in different cities and I see merch that says Los Angeles 3:16 or SummerSlam 3:16, does Steve Austin get a cut of that since it references his brand?

Unless he has a specific merch deal with them, which I don’t know, it would be WWE’s discretion.

Whenever there is a change in management the new boss usually hire their guys. Do you think Triple H keeps Bruce Prichard around to keep him from going to AEW? And what if Bruce went to AEW, how do you think they could use him?

I have talked about this a few times in the past.  I thought when HHH took over, he would give Prichard a chance to show that he could deliver the TV that H wanted.  That is what Prichard did for Vince McMahon.  You only need to replace someone if you don’t trust them or they can’t adjust to give you what you want.  Since Tony Khan wants to do all of the booking himself, I don’t see him using Prichard in a prominent booking role.

If you weren’t a Wrestling journalist, what else could you see yourself doing? And you can’t say you couldn’t see yourself doing anything else please!

At my age?  I would be retired.  I am lucky enough to have invested well over the years so if this job was no longer here, I would do what Vince McMahon should be doing and enjoy retirement.  I am sure I would also spend time investing as well as I enjoy doing research and investing.

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