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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-02 10:02:00

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If WWE inducts Lex Luger into the Hall of Fame, is Jim Cornette the best guy to induct him at this point, because of their involvement in Summerslam 93? 

I would go with either Sting or Ric Flair if they could make that happen.

Chris Jericho seems to have a new nickname once every month.  The Alpha, the Painmaker, Le Champion, The Demo God, the Influencer, the Wizard, the Ocho.  Should his next nickname be… The Insurrectionist????

No, he wasn’t there.  Now his wife and mother-in-law?  The nickname would work for them.

In your eyes, like mine, have Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks become douche-ier in presenting their style of wrestling on Dynamite?  Are they going overboard with it on purpose, not just to mock CM Punk?  They come out with Don Callis and their stooges, which made sense when they were heels.  But they’re babyfaces now and they didn’t have that entourage with them during Dynamite’s debut, when they were hotter.  And then they wrestle seven trios matches with wrestlers they’ve already worked with ad-nauseam for the past 3 years before the first trios match.  And they’re mocking CM Punk and I don’t remember them doing stuff like that 3 years ago.  So I’ll ask again, are they going overboard with their style of wrestling… on purpose?

Only they can answer that.  As anyone who reads this column probably already knows, The Elite’s act is totally lost on me.  With that said, they have a fan base that loves what they do.  They are doing what those fans like I guess.

What did you think of John Cena’s bald spot on Smackdown.

I loved that he didn’t try to cover it up.  We all get older.  He was there celebrating 20 years.  I loved that he didn’t try and look 20.  Kudos to him.

I used to hate John Cena but I enjoyed him on Smackdown, even though he is the corniest guy to ever wrestle at the top of the card.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Absence does, for sure, but I think that over time, Cena just grew on all of us.  He’s absolutely a corn dog, for sure, but it has worked for him.  I respect his body of work and realize that we won’t see him much more so when I do, I appreciate him.

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