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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-27 10:00:00

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Been reading Nitro off of y’all’s recommendation. Good read. Also watched your appearance on Bischoff’s podcast. Have either Dave or Mike thought of writing a book about their experience basically on the frontline of internet journalism? Or on the evolution of the site as a whole? I’d read it in a heartbeat.

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words.  I can’t speak for Mike but I have not ever thought of doing that.  I guess if I ever got motivated to do it, I would just post it on the site and eliminate the middleman.

Is this the worst possible timing for WWE & Wrestlemania? The Rock’s stock, fair or not, has plummeted coming out of Black Adam and the DC change of guard. A public hiatus is probably the best thing for The Rock. That said, Wrestlemania is in LA and The Rock isn’t getting younger. Missed opportunity?

First, it’s not even a sure thing that Rock will wrestle at Mania.  Two, if he does, WWE takes him in a second.  I don’t think his stock has plummeted at all, but even if it did in the movie world, he’s still one of the best off all time in the wrestling world.  If he wrestles it will be huge for WWE, both for the show and the ratings for TV leading up to it.

Before WM30 wrestling fans everywhere were annoyed and felt betrayed that Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson was not in the main event for that show. His rise was organic and connected to the crowd. Fast forward to now, where Sami Zayn is getting the exact same reaction (I think on the same level, but I may be wrong) but no questions are coming through about him being main event ready or an option to be in the mania Main Event. Why do you think this is? In your opinion, should Sami be considered to take the titles off Roman and main event Mania?

One, I don’t think Sami is at Bryan level yet.  It doesn’t mean he can’t be, but he’s not there yet.  Beyond that, he is aligned with the champion, in a good spot.  There hasn’t been any heat between him and Roman Reigns.  The clamor won’t begin until there is a reason for it. 

Does Sami refusing to perform in Saudi Arabia affect whether he would be a World Champion in future?

Not in the slightest.  If there is a situation where they make him champ, and Saudi Arabia wants the champ there, they could always do a quick switch.

The WWE World Cup coincided with the FIFA World Cup. Was that on purpose? Considering that America isn’t that big on soccer.

Yes, it was co-promotion for FOX, who aired the games.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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