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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-26 09:59:00

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How bad was that Swerve/Keith Lee segment with Rick Ross on Dynamite?  Yikes!

No Top Dolla dive bad but not good.

I think there are similarities between Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg. They both have big streaks, they won the secondary title (IC and USA), and they both defeated Hulk Hogan to become World Champion, as well Double Champion and next, vacated the secondary title. Do you think this was intentional?

It was not intentional as if WCW cloned the WWF.  It was more how things were done back then when a company was trying to create a top star.  They made them seem strong and hoped it would resonate with the fans.

If reports are true and lots of talent want out, would Tony Khan be better off holding a meeting like WCW did and tell wrestlers that if they want out here's your release?

WCW was a bit of a dumpster fire when that all went down.  People were pretty open and obvious with their grievances.  AEW is not in that place.  I wouldn’t have that meeting if I were Tony Khan.  WWE is a lot more attractive of an option right now.  

What's with the constant negativity toward AEW? I agree the product has issues & they've made mistakes, inc. some serious ones, but your constant criticisms seem a bit over the top. Almost every day your answers in the Q&A segment have some vitriol toward Tony Khan/AEW. As someone who has been a frequent site visitor for many, many years, it seems a bit odd. 

So it seems odd to you that when someone asks me for my opinion, I give it?  Um, OK.  If you don’t understand how the Q and A works after many, many years, I don’t know how I can explain it to you other than to say when someone asks me my opinion on something, I give it to them.  AEW’s booking, in my humble opinion, is often really, really bad.  So when I am asked about it, I tell the person who asked what I think.  I won’t say things are good just to make people who refuse to see its problems happy.  I did the same exact thing when Vince McMahon was booking WWE.  It’s funny how people didn’t say anything then, I guess because they were invested like they are in AEW.  If you like it, great.  Enjoy it and don’t worry about what I think.  The criticisms I make are valid.  If you can look past them and enjoy things that don’t make logical sense, have a party.  You are the lucky one.

Do you find it very frustrating that every match on Monday Night Raw on the 19th had interference? 

It doesn’t make for an enjoyable show, I agree.  Sometimes shows are just placeholders.  In this case, the week before Christmas, with no big show coming for more than a month, I think that was the case here.

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