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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-25 09:59:00

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First off, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Happy Sunday to the rest of you!

Has anyone ever better described the hack that is Vince Russo better than Jim Cornette did in this video?

No, because to call Russo a hack is an insult to hacks everywhere.  Jim absolutely nailed everything wrong with Russo in this video.  I laughed out loud many times.  Luckily Russo is no longer booking or I probably would have cried.

I have been watching AEW for about a year now, and I finally think I am done (Despite Mike Mansury). I don’t know why there is so much blood. But after that Sammy Guevera incident with Moxley, that was just disgusting. And if the people who enjoy that are Khan’s target, then I am going elsewhere, cos that’s just not me. And from what I read, it is not you guys either. Also, there are too many plot holes, too many titles, and too many groups/factions. It’s hard to keep track of. Almost everyone is in some kind of group. This is my favorite wrestling site, and I come here once or twice a day, and I know you are just as unhappy with Khan’s booking and other stuff as me. Thank you guys for being you guys!

Thanks for the kind words.  Speaking only for myself, AEW is hard to watch, for all of the reasons you mentioned.  The booking is largely bad and there are huge storyline holes all the time.  There is way too much blood and legitimate violence for me.  Wrestling is supposed to be worked.  I do like some of the talents there for sure, but much like when Vince McMahon was in charge of WWE, the booking hurts them and makes their work less enjoyable for me.  But, there is an audience for it and I am truly happy that people who love it have AEW.

If a talent was going to be hired by WWE under Triple H, could that talent ask for changes to the contract? Specifically,  and let's use FTR as an example, could there be a clause in the contract that says "if Vince McMahon regains control of the creative at WWE,  this contract immediately is null and void and no 90 day non compete clause will prohibit FTR from taking immediate bookings".  Maybe this would suspend trepidation on the part of returning talents?

Could there be?  Sure, absolutely.  Talents can ask for anything.  Will WWE give it to them?  That all depends.  The case you made above is a legitimate concern.  Maybe they would agree to that, I can’t say.

If Roman Reigns vs The Rock happens do you see Nation Of Domination in the corner of Rock to counter The Bloodline? Rikishi also gets involved and says "he did it for the family".

I would guess no.  If they can present that match, you don’t need anyone in either corner.  They are two super top talents.  If they work, it should be just them at ringside (at least to start the match).

Now the HHH has basically taken over. Do you see him making a great Superstar like Vince did ? I mean. Vince made Cena, Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, now Roman.

I think he will as that is the goal, for sure!  I think he will achieve it.

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