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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-31 10:00:00


It's been mentioned Colt Cabana hasn't returned to TV and wasn't even on the ROH PPV due to injury.  Was this due to the story that was told about him accidentally wearing compression socks in the ring vs. Chris Jericho?

No, I don't believe so.  The word that was making the rounds after the ROH show was that Cabana has a lingering shoulder injury.   In fact, I'm pretty sure he's been working around a shoulder issue for a LONG time.

I’m glad that Tony Khan gives his wrestlers more leeway and less scripting in their promos, but when celebrity guests have the mic, can there please be a strict “stick to the script” edict? The Rick Ross segment on Dynamite was bizarre and bewildering to say the least. And it definitely didn’t help that Ross dropped an F-bomb live on the air!

Rick Ross is a massive star with a net worth in the area of $45-$50 million, so my guess is he doesn't get told what to do all that often and probably didn't think about what he said in advance, he just let loose.  I was more shocked the censors didn't bleep him.  I don't see AEW strictly scripting Ross if and when he comes back, and even if they did, he obviously wouldn't have an issue going off script anyway, as we saw with his Keith Lee F-Bomb!

 Responding to your response to a question regarding The Rock possibly shifting from DC to Marvel, from one comic fan to another: do you think it would be at all wise for Kevin Feige to bring in Rock when it was all too apparent that the latter was trying to throw his weight around at DC and attempt to gain more power there? I’d bet Disney wouldn’t want to go through the same headaches that Warner Brothers experienced.

There's a big difference here.  One, Kevin Feige is THE GUY in Marvel and unless something ridiculously stupid happens, no one is going to bounce him out except Feige deciding it's time for himself to leave.  When The Rock developed Black Adam for DC, he was obviously gunning for more power and the hopes of, if not running that entire division, having a ton of power and say on projects he wanted to develop there.  Then, James Gunn and Peter Saffron came in and they were the new power there, so their vision goes and Black Adam didn't fit into it (and according to some reports, if we choose to believe them, didn't make the money needed, so it wasn't going to sway anything back The Rock's way).  If he's brought in as an actor to play say Reed Richards i or Dr. Doom in The Fantastic Four and Seven Bucks comes on as a co-production company, that's fine, but I don't see Rock being able to get Disney to hand him the keys to the kingdom, taking them away from the person who personally orcestrated Marvel Studios into the bigger powerhouse and money machine in Hollywood.  I would never underestimate The Rock, but I don't see that one happening.

You are a NYC guy.  I remember seeing Demolition on the independents in Brooklyn but it was Ax and another guy, not Smash or even Crush.  I was a kid, so any ideas?

My guess is you were at a Tommy Dee promoted UWS or USA Wrestling show in the early 1990s.  There was an independent talent who worked that time period as The Brooklyn Blaster who was later used as Demolition Blast, teaming with Bill Eadie.  I saw the duo team many times in 1992-1994.

Do wrestlers get paid to be on Dark Side of the Ring?


You mentioned you turned down doing the Vince McMahon documentary for Vice TV.  Do you regret it after seeing the final product?

No, but I didn't regret it the multiple times I turned it down.  The timing when they were filming didn't work for me as I have had a lot of personal things thrown at me in the last 18 months that I've dealt with over the last year+, so I chose that I didn't want to be interviewed and on camera when I wasn't feeling up to it.  I wasn't going to show up and half-ass it and I knew deep down that I wouldn't have really been able to add anything of worth to their or any project at the time because I didn't have the time to do it, much less the mental energy to do it at the time.  I turned down a lot of documentary/podcast interviews over the past year, because I needed my focus to be on my own personal health and my family's health.  I believe the only outside thing I have done in the last few years was the recent appearance on Eric Bischoff and Jon Alba's podcast.  But, having seen the doc, I still don't regret it and wouldn't even if I had never seen the finished doc.  It was about me not wanting to put myself out there when I didn't feel up to it.  If, for example, I had gotten the call to say interview CM Punk live on PPV again in the same time period, I'd have turned it down for the same reasons.

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