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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-24 10:00:00


Your personal favorite pro wrestling Christmas memories?

As a kid, getting tickets to the first-ever show I attended with my father and brother, which was 12/26/86 featuring Hulk Hogan vs. Kamala on top.  I was 11 and while I wasn't supposed to know the tickets would be sticking out of the stocking that morning, my mother actually clued me in so that I knew it was coming and would be that much more excited.  Little could my parents have known what that day would lead to for me personally.  I've always tried to maintain the tradition of going to the Garden on 12/26 as often as I could, making sure I even walked the same path into and through the building that we did all those years ago - and I'll probably do the same this Monday.

I would also put the first-ever ECW show in NYC, Holiday Hell at Lost Battalion Hall as it was a lot of fun to have a big ECW show close enough where everyone I knew who liked wrestling but unlike me wouldn't put in hours of travel for it got to see what ECW was truly like and understand why I appreciated it so much back in the day.  I remember going to the now-long gone Georgia Diner with everyone buzzing about Sabu vs. Cactus Jack after that main evented.

On the site, one of the coolest things was interviewing Country Music star Shooter Jennings and Mick Foley together about a Christmas album they did together.  Obviously, I like and respect Mick a ton but I loved Jennings' dad Waylon growing up as he was the narrator on The Dukes of Hazard and did the theme song and that was sort of my entry into country music so I always appreciated those two worlds coming together for a fun conversation.

We haven't heard as many Kevin Dunn is EVIL stories over the last few months.  Any insight why?

No insight, but a theory.  If he's not getting yelled at by Vince McMahon anymore, chances are he's not taking that frustration out on others....

Do you think it's time for Dunn to leave the company?

I don't think anyone other than Kevin Dunn can answer that one.  It comes down to these two factors for a lot of people in positions of power making a ton of money - what else are they going to do?  Can they maintain their lifestyle without the job?  I think if Dunn has answers to those questions, he's a lot closer to finishing his run than he is to continuing on, say, another decade or so, but I can't speak for someone else, especially when I've never spoken to them.

Do you think with his return, 2023 is the year William Regal goes into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I can ABSOLUTELY see that unless an appearance at the WWE HOF would fall under his agreement for leaving AEW, which Tony Khan stated would include Regal not appearing on WWE TV for a year.  So, if not 2023, then 2024.

If Vice goes down, what happened to the wrestling shows they air?

The ownership would go to whoever gets the rights to Vice's assets, but we aren't at that point yet.

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