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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-22 10:00:00


So, did Rita Chatterton sue Vince McMahon yet?

No lawsuit has been filed as of this writing.

Do you think the Rock vs. Roman Reigns happens this year at Wrestlemania?

If you mean 2023, I haven't heard anything concrete and The Rock has been involved in a ton of new projects, so I don't know he'd have the time to do it.  I think a better strategy might be to have him make an appearance at Wrestlemania this year and challenge Roman for Wrestlemania 40 in Philly.  Then, they get another year's countdown similar to Rock vs. Cena with the two sides running each other down and playing up the Bloodline/Head of the Table thing while also sending Roman, Paul Heyman, etc. to Hollywood events to boost interest.  But, we'll see.

Any chance of CM Punk returning to AEW programming anytime soon?

I have heard zero that makes me believe that is happening anytime soon.  Sorry.

I heard you say on the Eric Bischoff podcast that you've cut back on traveling to shows due to COVID.  Why?  Didn't you say on audios you are vaccinated and boosted?

I am and I suggest everyone else do the same, but I also have several family members that I help oversee the health of who unfortunately are in a compromised health situation, much of which I've disclosed on the same audios.  So, I choose very carefully if and when I fly now where before it wasn't unusual for me to fly 10-15 times a year to shows and hit a number of shows in different markets over the course of a weekend.  It's the reality of the world right now for those who have immune-compromised family members and I don't see it going back to what it used to be ever.  I have spent a lot of the last few decades focusing on the work and travel that comes with it but COVID-19 forced that focus to change, at least in term of how often I am at events.

Any chance of WWE swerving us and airing Raw from Madison Square Garden on Monday?

No, especially since it's a Smackdown brand show.  WWE will have a taped Best of broadcast.  I love the idea of broadcasting that MSG show, however and wish WWE would do it.

If you are Marvel, how quick do you call The Rock after DC dumped him?

I would be on the phone with him faster than it takes me to type a response to you.  There are a TON of great characters he could portray for them, including Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Luke Cage, Sentry, hell let him play Galactus!

Why did IYO disappear from WWE NXT before she was called up to the WWE main roster?

She was dealing with a broken ankle.

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