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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-21 10:00:00

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Why did AEW announce a ladder match for match 7?  When we just had match 4? Your basically telling me the Elite will win 5 and 6 which takes away any suspense a fan might have and gives them no reason to tune in to watch match 5 and 6. 

I didn’t get that either.  I guess they could “swerve” us by not getting to match 7 but to me, you wait until after match 6 to announce the stip for match 7.

WWE fired Mandy Rose for erotic content, but then gave Ember Moon/Athena such a hard time for lacking sex appeal, and telling her she should be more like Mandy Rose. What is your reaction?  

No, they dealt with Athena/Ember Moon first, under a different regime.  This regime didn’t tell Moon that, it came from the deposed regime.  With that said, there is a big difference between trying to make someone more appealing appearance-wise and posting erotic pictures, among other things.  They are not even close to being equal.

If Vince McMahon was still around, do you think he would still have fired Mandy?

For sure.  They are a family friendly company now so there are standards in place.  People that compare the Playboy spreads from decades ago are comparing apples to oranges.  Companies like Mattel don’t want to be associated with the erotic stuff.  Rose herself knew that.  She made a choice but she definitely knew the consequences.

The past 3 years seem to have brought out the worst in some members of the professional wrestling industry.  We are seeing people's radical and controversial political views and personal choices change how we see them as people, regardless of their wrestling accomplishments.  I for one have lost a lot of respect for people like Kane, Low Ki, Brian Kendrick, etc.  Not to mention Vince McMahon himself.  My question is, now that we have seen their true colors, and if you absolutely detest and disagree with their political views or poor personal life decisions, does that hinder your ability to enjoy their work as wrestlers or performers?

If someone has a radical political view, it changes what I think of them as a person, but not a wrestler.  Everyone has a right to their point of view, and I respect that.  

With Vince McMahon now no longer in charge of WWE, does it open the door, even a slight bit, to put Owen Hart into the Hall of Fame or do you believe that door is still firmly closed?  If not a full induction, so you think he could be inducted as part of the legacy inductions, rather then the  “glitz and glamour” of a full induction (which obviously he would deserve).

It’s not a Vince McMahon issue.  Martha Hart does not want her late husband inducted.  It’s her choice that he be left out, not WWE’s.

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