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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-20 10:00:00

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How do you expect Tony Khan to end Jade Cargill’s streak?  I’m not asking how it should be ended, I’m asking you think the Booker of the Year is going to end it?

I honestly can’t say because one, I don’t see anyone obvious that should end it and two, I don’t ever try to guess at how Tony will book things.  He and I have drastically different philosophies.

Before leaving Twitter, I noticed a growing sentiment among Elite apologists that “Dave Shearer’s word can’t be trusted and he’s as out of touch as Cornette!!!!!!!”  You’ve been calling out the Wrestling NewZ sites on their BS more and more since the Punk/Elite feud so I’m wondering if you’ve seen that backlash yourself?

I haven’t seen any of it because I don’t look for it.  And seriously, why would I care what people who deny facts and reality think?  I like to hear from smart people, not dimwits that believe whatever fits their narrative instead of the actual truth.  They can think whatever they want, that’s their right.  And here's the thing, if AEW was beating WWE, I would say that I am out of touch and say that the style is what the masses want.  I am honest.  The numbers don't bear that out though. 

(Also, leave the typo of your name in there if you publish this.  It’s in quotes and I know those idiots can’t be bothered to spell your name, right.)


When it came to Steve Austin becoming Stone Cold, I believe there were five moments in his career that MADE Steve Austin the star he was.  The Austin 3:16 speech, His Wrestlemania 13 match against Bret Hart, overcoming the piledriver from Owen Hart, getting the rub from Mike Tyson in the Wrestlemania 14 build, and the year long feud against Vince McMahon.  If you would like, could you order the importance of those moments from least to most?

To me, the moment was the double turn with him and Bret Hart.

I’m not looking forward to seeing Kevin Owens, versus Roman reigns at the Royal Rumble, if WWE is going that direction.  Been there done that.  Instead of defending the title, should Roman Reigns enter the Royal Rumble himself to conquer it, like Brock tried in 2020?  Then, if somebody eliminates him and wins it, that could set up a challenger for Wrestlemania?  There’s rumors that the Rock will win the rumble in a surprise.  If he eliminates Roman, that could give Rock a “victory” over Roman first without actually pinning him.

I don’t see any reason why the character of Reigns, the double champion, would do that.  And if he did, I would not have him get tossed out.  

So let me get this straight…in his first promo after winning the belt MJF brags about how he’s never going to wrestle on TV again and you’re going to have to buy PPV to see him. And a couple of weeks later he’s defending the title on TV, gives a long heel promo first, and doesn’t even complain a little that he’s being forced to wrestle on TV? My question is even if Tony Khan is the booker, is anyone in the building tasked with making sure there’s at least a little continuity from week to week? 

Yes, Tony Khan tasks himself with that function, and it explains a lot about the process.  Tony SHOULD get help with the booking but he won't.  It's his baby.

In an update from yesterday about CM Punk, David Belsky sent this. ... Punk confirmed the foot injury was from the stage dive at the All Out media scrum, and then wrestling on it “pulverized” the broken bones. “Pulverized” was the word his doctor used.  Punk said he felt something was wrong as soon as FTR came out to join him, but he thought he just “whacked it” and it would resolve itself.

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