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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-15 10:00:00

Where did PCO and Killer Kelly go in Impact Wrestling?

Nowhere.  They are still with the company, we are told.  It's just the current creative ebb and flow, nothing more.

What do you think Michael Mansury's hire means for AEW moving forward? How big of a get is this for Tony Khan, especially in regard to the television product?

It's a massive get.  This was, as I reported back in 2020, the person dubbed internally at WWE as "the next Kevin Dunn."  The hire means that Khan wants the production improved and he wants there to be someone who is excellent at his job added to the mix.  To me, the hire means that everyone on the production side has another leader that will push them to be better at their jobs.  That's a great thing.

How does AEW operate when it comes to talent contracts? Is it similar to WWE's downside guarantees? I know that some of the mid- and lower-card wrestlers supplement their income by working the indies, Mexico and Japan, so are they considered "part-time", for lack of a better term.

They have several different levels of deals.  You can be paid per date with no exclusivity.  You can be paid per date for a period of time with exclusivity (meaning no WWE, etc.) or you can have a full-time guaranteed deal.  The talents working Japan and Mexico are mostly sent there by AEW to assist sister promotions the company has agreements with, i.e. AAA and New Japan.  Others have the rights to work independents and do so, while some who have the rights don't so they can rest their bodies for AEW.  My gut is thag if Tony Khan wanted, he could step in and request talents not work indies.

Were it up to you, which wrestler in AEW's women's division would be the one to snap Jade Cargill's win streak?

I don't think it should be snapped anytime soon, but I guess Saraya makes sense as an option.   I don'tt think it needs to happen anytime in the next year. 

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