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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-12 10:00:00

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I’m not sure why there is so much CM Punk hate going around (not on your site). I know he said something stupid at the wrong time, but that’s no reason for fans to turn against him this badly. People say wrestling fans are fickle, but what do you think? 

I think it depends on where you go.  I think people that are fair will distribute blame where it belongs, to all involved.  I think that people who are marks for The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega will have no intelligent grasp on what actually happened in AEW and will make stupid, biased comments. I also think that people who protect their sources/friends have exposed themselves to big credibility issues since the start of AEW. 

If I was Tony Khan I would never even consider firing Punk, and I would have never thought to keep the Bucks (my opinion is that Kenny wasn’t nearly as guilty as the Bucks, plus I really like Kenny.) Am I wrong about Kenny? It was sad to see how he behaved in Chicago. And yes, I know, I take wrestling too seriously.

If you are asking me who have been the most childish and caused the most problems, which led to AEW losing their biggest draw, it was The Jacksons, no doubt.  They chose to burst into the locker room and make a bad situation worse, as executives in the company no less.  Kenny went with them though so he has blame as well.  He should have been the adult in the room, the voice of reason.  He was not.  I had thought maybe Kenny wasn’t as bad as the Bucks until he picked at the scab by mocking Punk on national TV.  So to me, he’s just as bad as they are.  Every time fans change the channel when those three show up on Dynamite, karma is sending Tony Khan a message.

Do you think it’s possible we all underestimated Bruce Prichard? He was seemingly an easy whipping boy for bad creative under Vince, but as it seems he has a similar role under Triple H, and things are so much better. If he took the hit for the bad, he should get some credit for the good, right? It is possible he’s just an ultimate professional, as in “tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you?”

All I can tell you is that "we all" did not.  When Paul Levesque took over creative, I heard many people say that Bruce would be gone quickly.  I was not one of them. In fact I said, many times, that Prichard would be given the chance to show that he could do the job.  As you said, he delivered what his boss wanted from him when Vince was in charge.  I thought he would be given the chance to do the same for Paul Levesque.  The people that blamed him for the bad creative under Vince didn't understand the process and how it works.

If you were put in charge of talent relations for the new ROH, who would you sign? Would you do a mix of wrestlers known for ROH mixed with some up and coming guys to build new ROH stars? 

Right now?  No one. The show doesn’t have a TV deal and the only way it can generate revenue is if people buy Honor Club.  I would spend money developing a roster that would just burn a hole in my wallet.  If Tony Khan can find a place to air the show, for significant money, I would look to book a product that appeals to more than a niche audience.  As much as I love the old ROH, it is a niche product.  If it had national appeal Sinclair could have found a home on a network for it.

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