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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-10 09:57:00


Someone mentioned Ole Anderson a few Q&As back and I was wondering why he never landed in WWF at some point or was even inducted with the rest of The Four Horsemen?

Ole was the primary owner in Georgia Championship Wrestling in the early 1980s when the other owners got together and decided to sell to Vince McMahon. Vince wanted the promotion to get his hands on the TBS timeslot, which was one of the two national outlets for pro wrestling at the time. The other, being USA Network, WWF already had.  McMahon bought everyone else out and pretty much took the company out from Anderson, showing up without notice to put on a WWF TV event when viewers were expecting Georgia, now known as Black Saturday.

According to Ole's excellent book, Vince tried to work with Ole but when he made the offer to make Ole more money than he had ever seen, Anderson responded, "You can go f*** yourself and so can your wife."

Anderson said Vince told him he would never work with Ole after that.  Ole later turned down offers to appear on DVDs, etc. saying he didn't want to make Vince a liar. Ole was aways a pretty stubborn soul, so there was just no way he'd ever change his mind. So, basically, Vince took something Ole owned and Ole didn't want to let it go or forgive what he felt was an attack on his business (which, let's be honest, it totally was).

With Vince gone could Ole make an appearance for the WWE Hall?

No, Ole's health is too fargone for any sort of appearance or even travel at this point.  I can see the company putting him in the Legacy wing down the line.

The Rock's Walking Tall.  I came across it while looking for something to stream.  It made me think about the person the original version is based on.  Would you know anything of the career of Buford Pusser as a wrestler?

Buford Pusser wrestled in the Chicago area in the 1950s-1960s with the moniker "Bufford the Bull" while also working in a factory at the time. He mentioned wrestling in his autobiography, admitting the business was a work. He was never a top draw during his time as a wrestler. His foray into the business was well before he became more famous as McNairy County Sheriff in TN, which is where he made his name in the press.

When WWE films vignettes and things outdoors, do they need a permit like TV shows?

I would guess it probably depends on the city and municipality, but my belief would be that WWE would apply for whatever permits they would need, just for insurance purposes.

Do you think John Cena wrestles on that final Smackdown?  Could he be there to enter the Royal Rumble?

He hasn't wrestled one match all year, so I could see it, as long as he's allowed by whatever film production he's working for at the time.  The same thing for the Rumble.  It all depends on whether he's got a film or TV shoot scheduled because they would disqualify him from any physical activity that could cause the shoot to be canceled or postponed.   Like the Rock before him, he carries millions and millions of dollars of responsibility on his back.

Is the India show you reported on going to be broadcast?

My guess is it will be taped for the local market there and Peacock.

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