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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-12-06 22:03:00

Your announcers are Booker T and Vic Joseph.

Duke Hudson tells Andre they have his back and they want to know that Andre is ready for this match. Andre says it is time to give those two motherf***ers an Andre Chase University ass whooping.

Match Number One: Von Wagner (with Robert Stone) versus Andre Chase (with Thea Hail and Duke Hudson) versus Axiom in an Iron Survivor Challenge Wild Card Match

Chase punches Wagner and then he pushes Axiom away. Wagner with a punch to Chase followed by a shoulder tackle. Wagner with a shoulder tackle to Axiom and Chase. Wagner with a side head lock on both men. Axiom and Chase try to lift Wagner off the mat but it fails. Wagner with a double shoulder tackle. Wagner gets Chase up but Chase escapes. Chase with a shoulder tackle to Wagner and it has no effect. Axiom and Chase with a double shoulder tackle to Wagner followed by a double suplex. Chase tells Axiom to go for a dive but Chase suckers him into a rollup for a near fall. Axiom with a springboard arm drag to Chase and a drop kick to Wagner. Axiom with a knee bar but Wagner with a kick to Axiom and a punch to Chase. Wagner works on the wrist and lifts Axiom into the air.

Axiom with a chop to Wagner and he goes to the ropes for a head scissors on Chase and an arm drag to Wagner. Axiom drop kicks Wagner to the floor. Axiom with a Northern Lights suplex to Chase followed by a moonsault for a near fall. Wagner with a double clothesline to Axiom and Chase. Wagner presses Axiom over his head and he slams him onto Chase. Wagner sends Chase into the apron a few times. Wagner runs Chase into the ring post. Wagner sends Axiom into the apron and then he sends both men back into the ring.

Chase punches Wagner but Wagner punches back. Axiom with forearms but Wagner pushes him away and connects with a boot. Wagner with a clothesline to Chase in the corner and then he sends Axiom into Chase. Wagner slams Axiom onto Chase and then gets a near fall on both men. Wagner with a cobra clutch on Axiom. Chase stops Wagner but Wagner with a knee and he puts Chase in the cobra clutch. Chase escapes but Wagner runs Chase into the turnbuckles and then punches Axiom off the turnbuckles. Wagner chokes Chase in the corner. Wagner with a hard Irish whip and a slam to Chase. Wagner gets a near fall.

Wagner with a cobra clutch on Chase and he sends Chase into Axiom on the turnbuckles. Chase stops a superplex attempt by Wagner and he goes for a sunset flip power bomb on Wagner and after Axiom kicks Wagner, Chase hits it. Chase with an uppercut to Axiom and he hits a superplex. Wagner and Chase exchange punches. Chase with a drop kick to Wagner’s knee. Chase with a side Russian leg sweep and it is time for the C-H-A-S-E-U stomp. Wagner misses a clothesline and Chase clotheslines Wagner over the top rope to the floor. Axiom with a suicide dive to Wagner and a kick to Chase from the apron. Chase kicks Axiom as he comes off the turnbuckles. Chase with a Gibson Driver for a near fall.

Axiom with a roll through and he tries for a cross arm breaker but Chase locks his hands. Wagner with a boot to Chase and Wagner gets Axiom up but Axiom counters into a sleeper and then a triangle. Wanger gets Axiom up and power bombs him onto Chase. Wagner with a butterfly power bomb for a near fall on Chase. Wagner gets Axiom up but Chase kicks Wagner in the knee. Chase with a reverse DDT to Axiom and a DDT to Wagner. Chase goes up top and he this a cross body on Wagner and Chase rolls to the floor. Axiom with the Golden Ratio for the three count.

Winner: Axiom

We take a look at Cora Jade and she says that she has proven that she will do what it takes to be the number one woman in NXT. I have ruined friendships and attacked the weak. What will I do on Saturday to be the first Women’s Iron Survivor. There are no depths that I will sink to. This is her generation. The Generation of Jade.

Julius Creed has his knee checked out and he is cleared to compete.

Ivy tells the doctor to check Julius’ ribs.

Brutus wants to know why Ivy is doing this and she says she is protecting her brothers.

The doctor says there is some swelling so he will not be cleared to compete.

Brutus wants to know why the hell would she do that and Ivy says she is protecting him.

We are back and Apollo Crews joins Bron at the lake to do some friendly fishing before Deadline.

Crews says he loves the boat. Bron mentions that this is his favorite spot. Crews says he has never been fishing before so he asks Bron to help him. Bron says he likes the standing moonsault and Crews says he just started doing it. Bron says he saw Crews do it and he decided to try it.

Crews asks if this helps take the pressure off Bron being champion or does he like being alone.

Bron says there is so much pressure to be champion.

Crews mentions who Bron has beaten.

Bron says there is so much to lose if he does not win.

Crews suggests that Bron just give him the title and Bron says no.

They catch a fish and Crews sends it back into the water.

Bron says the match on Saturday will be a banger. They joke about giving their game plan.

Bron says he will use power, intensity, and speed. Crews says he will challenge that. Bron tells Crews may the best man win.

Match Number Two: Bryson Montana versus Javier Bernal

Sanga with a splash to Montana and he hits a choke slam.

Javier Bernal comes out since he is Bryson’s opponent.

Bernal sees Veer and Sanga in the ring and Bernal gets a leg injury.

Veer says they will not face someone not 100 percent. Veer declines The Creeds’ challenge and they will wait, but don’t wait so long.

Julius and Brutus Creed come out and referees hold their arms out to stop them while Tatum and Ivy are there too.

Thea Hail shows up and she tells Duke and Andre. that she has a match against Isla Dawn. Duke tells Thea not to take the match. Thea says she knows that Isla is super scary but she is super ready. Andre tells Thea she can have the match.

Duke tries to convince Andre to keep Thea from having the match and Andre says his decision is final.

We are back with Sol Ruca doing some TikTok stuff but in the background Malik Blade and Edris Enofe were arguing with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

Match Number Two: Xyon Quinn versus Tony D’Angelo (with Channing Lorenzo)

They lock up and Tony with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Tony with shoulders in the corner but Xyon with an Irish whip. Tony with a clothesline and punches to the midsection. Tony with a face lock suplex. Tony with punches. Quinn with a back elbow and punches. Quinn with a head butt to send Tony to the mat. Tony with a back elbow but Quinn with a Samoan drop. Tony rolls to the floor and he punches Quinn. Tony with a spinebuster.

Tony with a belly-to-back uranage for the three count.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match, Tony asks if Channing sees any rust. Tony says he is like a shiny new hubcap. Tony says during his physical therapy he gained some new revenue and connections. For them, it always came down to Wes Lee and that North American Title. Tony says he would have won the qualifying match but you blew my knee out.

Wes Lee comes out and he welcomes Tony back. Wes says everyone knows you have been eyeing him and the title. Wes says he has had his eye on Tony.

Channing tells Wes to have his eyes on Tony because there is no one bigger than the Don.

Wes tells Tony to give Channing some decaf.

Wes says he has some unfinished business with Dijak so Tony will have to wait.

Tony says he is insulted that you would think he would have to wait in line. Dijak plays by a different set of rules. Your business will have to wait.

Dijak appears on the ShawnTron and says he plays by a different set of rules. You are a scumbag from the streets and if you stay away, I won’t have to take care of you. He tells Wes to keep his name out of Wes’ mouth. Neither of you will stop him from decimating NXT.

Channing tells Wes to listen to Dijak. He says there is no place to run and Channing pushes Wes but Wes pushes back and gets out of the ring.

We take a look at a situation between Hank Walker and Charlie Dempsey. Hank says he didn’t have the chance to get in the ring at age four. He wishes he could follow his father’s footsteps. Hank says if he has to earn his stripes to show he belongs, say the word.

Charlie says he will show that Hank does not belong..

The words you write mean more than the canvas you write on. Scrypts says NXT is his new home. The same culture but a different address. I must follow those who came through. Through this journey I must target the chosen one.

Match Number Three: Hank Walker versus Charlie Dempsey

They lock up and Walker backs Dempsey into the corner. Dempsey with a kick and uppercut followed by a slap. Walker runs Dempsey into the corner and connects with shoulders and sends him into the corner. Walker with a biel. Dempsey with a side head lock. Dempsey with a shot to the throat. Dempsey blocks a clothesline and he applies a double wrist lock. Walker with a slam. Dempsey with a forearm and he sends Walker into the turnbuckles. Dempsey with a forearm and a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.

Drew Gulak shows up to watch the action in the ring.

Walker with punches and Dempsey with forearms and he applies the double wrist lock. Walker with a Thesz Press and punches. Walker with a splash and an Irish whip and splash. Walker sends Dempsey face first into the mat and follows with a forearm. Dempsey blocks a boot and hits a dragon screw leg whip and he goes for a single leg crab. Walker kicks Dempsey. Dempsey with a single leg crab and then he locks his hands to stretch Walker and Walker taps out.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

We take a look at Zoey Stark. She says timing is everything in this business and there is no better time for this match. She says she was unanimously voted into the match. Whether she starts or comes in at the end, it does not matter. The other four women cannot touch her. She has no extra baggage or dead weight. She doesn’t have to be a mentor so it is all about her. Twenty-five minutes separate her from history.

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince make their way in the back to do their Christmas Story.

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