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By Mike Johnson on 2022-12-05 09:02:00

WWE Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair competed over the weekend at the WBFF Bodybuilding competition in Atlantic City, NJ over the weekend, her first time competing.

Belair placed first in the Wellness competition.

She also placed second in the Fitness competition.

Belair had dieted and trained for 10 weeks, still maintaining her WWE schedule, including the Women's Wargames match at the 2022 Survivor Series in Boston.

On her Instagram, Belair commented:

"I am officially a part of the WBFF PRO CARD FAMILY!!!!!!
1st place in Wellness
2nd place in Fitness
I got my PRO CARD!

-Dress Made by Me.
-Every outfit I wore on stage I made!

Thank you to my amazing coach @n8fitness I really couldn’t have done it without you with prepping in 10 weeks and balancing both this and wrestling. You are the best!
And thank you to @michelledesormeaux for helping me last minute with posing. I was so out of my element and she really came thru and taught so much in a short amount of time!

And thank you to my Husband @montezfordwwe he supported me every single day thru the long (late/early) gym sessions, cardio sessions, HANGRY moments ???? & he even went on a diet with me… we are def training for the next one together!
Annnnddd thank you to my @wwe locker room… man y’all ladies really supported me! I love y’all!
Ahhh I’m so happy!"

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