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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-07 09:59:00

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Is it time for Kenny Omega to separate himself from the Bucks? I don’t see any benefits for him to stay with them, but a lot of reasons to leave. His matches with the Bucks suck because the Bucks are gymnasts, not wrestlers. I know Kenny is a somewhat polarizing figure, but his singles matches are great. I think the Bucks drag him down. Your thoughts?

I think Kenny CAN have great matches when his booking is controlled by someone who understands the business and keeps him from doing the goofball stuff.  The problem is, he loves doing the goofball stuff and that is why he hangs with The Bucks. Judging from their work, which defies logic and believability, they would rather perform a routine than make it look like they are actually in a fight.  

Do you think Tony is aware of all the criticism of his booking? Sometimes it feels like he doubles down and books poorly simply to be a heel, and also just because he can.

He hears all of the criticism, that’s how he is.  His Twitter used to be a love fest.  Now?  Not so much.  He just doesn’t care about valid criticism people make.  He listens to the pops from his imaginary fans.  He books for himself and he has the money and time slot to do that, at least for now.

Do you think MJF doing snow angels was a nod to CM Punk in a good way?  

I would think so.  MJF hung around with Punk a lot during his time in AEW.  He never had an issues with Punk that I heard of.  He was probably trying to counteract what the EVPs were doing, which I clearly think was antagonistic.

Impact is alive, but far different than when it was TNA with a lack of presentation or national TV deal. Do you think AEW eventually falls by the same waist side?

I have no idea at this point.  I would hope that they get another good TV deal when their current deal expires but can’t predict the future.  If that does happen, I think Tony Khan will still spend money to keep it going while he looks for a new place to air the show.  How long he would do it, or his dad would allow it, I can’t say.

Knowing NXT is currently a different presentation than it was, does someone like a Nick Aldis still have to go through NXT to get acclimated in the WWE way before being ready for the main roster, or does someone (even with his veteran status) have to go through the system first?

AJ Styles didn’t have to do that so I think if they wanted Aldis, they would allow him to debut on the main roster and he could be taught the WWE way on the fly.  Plus, since his wife is Mickie James she could help him with the adjustment.

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