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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-06 09:59:00

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With Punk out would it be wise for Tony Khan push the crap out of Bryan Danielson?  He’s no Punk but is a very recognizable name.  Of course I’m not expecting it but it’s just a thought, know what I mean?

Yes!  Then again, he should have been pushing the hell out of Bryan from day one.  I have no idea how he took an asset like Bryan and wasted him the way that he has.  It’s mind boggling to me.

Why in the name of God are MJF and Ricky Starks, two of the best talkers in AEW, only getting a two week build to their match? If we can potentially get seven weeks of Elite/Death Triangle (which hardly has any promo or story to it), why can't Tony Khan book a better long term way for two of his best talents to face off for several weeks and create anticipation for their match up? I would LOVE to see these two go at each other for weeks and promo against each other but it looks like we'll barely get any of that. 

It’s the Tony Khan way.  He doesn’t give most things any time to resonate or build.  After finding out he patterns his booking style from a wrestling game, I am not surprised.  To Tony, it’s all about the match so he thinks all most fans want to see is the match.  He doesn’t understand that to a lot of fans, the story and the build are just as important as the match in the ring. 

So is CM Punk still the one keeping Colt Cabana off of TV? And was it his call to disband the Dark Order? 

All credible reporters know that Punk was not doing any of the stuff that bad reporters “reported”.  Some of those bad reporters put another black mark on their reputation by saying that their false story was proven “true” when Cabana got one match on TV, which anyone with a brain knew what the real reason for that match was.  AEW has had the unintended effect of opening up people’s eyes on who are credible reporters and who aren’t.  Tony Khan was the one keeping Colt off of TV before and he is the one doing it now.

A lot of people came to AEW because they were let go by WWE under Vince McMahon.  At the time, AEW was a great alternative for wrestlers.  Now that it is not that utopia any longer, do you see a lot of people jumping back to WWE when their deals expire?

I know that there are people in that company that will jump back to WWE in a second if the opportunity presents itself.  With Paul Levesque in charge, WWE is a lot better option now than it was before, while AEW has slipped in the eyes of at least some workers.

Are the Elite still EVPs?

Yes, Tony Khan said in a recent interview that they have retained their positions.

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