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By James Kurokawa on 2022-11-28 15:58:00

From Nagano, Japan:

1 - Oskar Leube and Yuto Nakashima vs. Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls

Nicholls pins Oskar after a Blue Thunder Bomb

2 - Kosei Fujita, Ryohei Oiwa, Toru Yano and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Aaron Henare, Great O-Khan, Mark David and Kyle Fletcher, with Gideo 

Henare pins Oiwa after hitting a Rampage.

3 - Hiromu Takahashi, SANADA, Shingo Takagi and Tetsuya Naito vs. El Desperado, Taichi, Lance Archer and Minoru Suzuki

Another wild tag match between Suzuki-Gun and Los Ingobernales de Japon.  

Taichi and Takagi battled on the floor, teasing a count out.   They jump back in the ring and Taichi rolled Takagi into the Gedo Clutch.

Taichi pinned Takagi.

Super Jr. Tag League Matches:

4 - Ryusuke Taguchi and Clark Connors vs. Kevin Knight and KUSHIDA

Conners pins Knight after a Trophy Kill

Taguchi and Conners earns 2 points, with 4 points total

KUSHIDA and Knight remain at 2 points.

5 - Francesco Akira and TJP vs. SHO and Dick Togo

House of Torture tried their shenanigans again. EVIL and Yujiro Takahashi tried to interfere but Aussie Open stopped them and sent them running back to the locker room.

Akira grabbed SHO's wrench.  He tossed it in the ring at SHO's feet.  TJP dropped to the mat holding his face, ala Eddie Guerrero.   The referee, who was arguing with Togo, turns and sees SHO with his wrench and TJP on the mat.   He was about to disqualify House of Torture, when TJP dropkicked Togo in the back, who knocked SHO out of the ring.   

Akira and TJP hit 2X2 on Togo.

TJP pins Togo.

Akira and TJP earn 2 points, and are now tied for first place with 8 points.

SHO and Togo remain at 0 points.

6 - Robbie Eagles and Tiger Mask vs. El Lindaman and Alex Zayne

Zayne pins Tiger Mask after a Cinnamon Twist

Lindaman and Zayne earn 2 points and are in a tie for first place with 8 points.

Eagles and Tiger Mask remain at 4 points.

7 - BUSHI and Titan vs. DOUKI and Yoshinobu Kanemaru

LIJ hits Angel Immortal on DOUKI

Titan pins DOUKI.

Titan and BUSHI earn 2 points, and are also tied for the lead with 8 points.

Kanemaru and DOUKI remain at 0 points.

8 - Lio Rush and YOH vs. Chris Bey and Ace Austin

Rush pins Bey after hitting The Final Hour

YOH and Rush earn 2 points, and is the fifth team tied for first place with 8 points.

Austin and Bey remain at 8 points.

Good match.  Lio Rush has looked sharp in the tournament and has worked well with YOH.  Chris Bey and Ace Austin seemed unbeatable until this match.   With five teams tied for the lead, it will be interesting to follow who will move on to Wrestle Kingdom to face United Empire for the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship.

After the match, Rush addressed the crowd.  He was very respectful to the Nagano audience and said he loved New Japan.  He thanked YOH and bowed to him.

Super Jr. Tag League Standings

Points Earned

El Lindaman & Alex Zayne


KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight


DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru


Ryusuke Taguchi & Clark Conners


Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles


SHO & Dick Togo


Ace Austin & Chris Bey


BUSHI & Titan


YOH & Lio Rush


Francesco Akira & TJP





Thank you for reading.


James Kurokawa

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