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By Richard Trionfo on 2022-11-28 10:36:00

Your announcers are Ian Riccaboni and Alex Koslov (in English) and Shigeki Kiyono and Hiroshi Tanahashi. (in Japanese)

Match Number One: Greg Sharpe and Jakob Austin Young versus Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis

Davis and Fletcher attack Sharpe and Young before the bell rings. Davis sends Young to the floor and then they double team Sharpe. They hit a double chip and Kyle with a kick and Davis with a back senton. Young tags in and connects with forearms but he runs into a double chop. All four men go to the floor. Davis and Fletcher run Young and Sharpe into each other on the floor. Sharpe is sent into the ring and Davis gets a near fall. Davis with forearms and he gets a near fall. Davis with a reverse chin lock. Sharpe with punches but Davis with a chop. Davis with a chop in the corner. Sharpe avoids a chop and connects with forearms in the corner. Davis sends Sharpe into the corner but Sharpe with boots and he floats over. Sharpe with a round kick to the temple but Young is not in the corner.

Davis with a slam and he misses a back senton. Davis misses a splash into the corner and Sharpe crawls to his corner even though Young is not there. Fletcher tags in and he stops Sharpe. Sharpe with La Mistica and Young tags in and he connects with chops and forearms. Young with a back heel kick. Young with a drop kick and a chop in the corner. Young goes for a tornado DDT but Kyle blocks it. Young with a crucifix on Kyle and Davis with a boot to force Young to release the hold. Davis gets Young up and Kyle tries for a kick but Young blocks it. Young with an enzuigiri to Davis and he escapes a belly-to-back suplex from Fletcher. Young with a forearm and Sharpe tags in. Sharpe with a cross body to both men. Sharpe with a waist lock to Kyle and Kyle with a standing switch. Sharpe with an arm wringer and a La Magistral for a near fall. Daveis tags in and Davis tosses Sharpe to Kyle for a kick and they hit an assisted cutter for a near fall.

Davis tags in and they connect with forearms. They set for Corealis but Young kicks both men to get them to let Sharpe go. Davis with a boot and Kyle with a super kick to Young. They hit Corealis on Sharpe for the three count.

Winners: Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis

Match Number Two: Jake Something versus Juice Robinson

They lock up and Jake backs Juice into the corner but Juice uses the ropes to get back nto the center of the ring. Jake gets a near fall and Juice rolls to the floor and yells at the referee. Juice gets back in the ring and he wants a test of strength but it is a ruse to kick Jake and apply a side head lock. Jake with a reversal and shoulder tackle or three. Juice goes for a leap frog and Jake jumps into Juice and Juice goes to the floor. Jake clotheslines Juice over the top rope to the floor. Jake goes for a plancha but Juice drops Jake on the top rope. Juice with punches.

Juice removes a turnbuckle pad and he throws it to the floor. Jake with a punch and Juice Irish whips Jake into the exposed turnbuckles. Juice gets a near fall. Juice with a forearm to the lower back and a belly-to-back suplex. Juice with a back senton for a near fall. Juice with a waist lock. Juice with a forearm to the lower back and a hard Irish whip into the exposed turnbuckles. Juice with a forearm to the lower back but Jake with forearms. Juice goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Jake lands on his feet. Jake with a running body block.

Jake with a running shoulder to the midsection against the exposed turnbuckles. Jake with a plancha onto Juice and they return to the ring. Jake with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Juice avoids a Bossman slam but Jake with a splash into the corner. Juice avoids a splash and hits a clothesline in the corner. Juice with another clothesline into the corner. Juice puts Jake on the turnbuckles and head butts Jake a few times. Juice sets for a Frankensteiner and hits it. Juice with a drop kick to send Jake into the turnbuckles. Jake catches Juice on a cannonball and Jake with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Both men struggle to get back to their feet. Jake with punches. Juice with a rollup and a handful of tights for a near fall. Jake misses a clothesline and Juice with a hand of God and a clothesline but Jake stays on his fet. Juice hot shots Jake onto the exposed turnbuckles. Juice with a punch and Rock Slide for the three count.

Winner: Juice Robinson

After the match, Blake Christian shows up behind Juice on the apron and hits a springboard drop kick and a suicide dive. Christian punches Juice on the floor. Security comes out to separate them, but that works as well as other security situations and Blake punches Juice some more. Juice goes back into the ring and Blake goes up top. Juice sees him and goes to the floor and then to the back.

Juice Robinson in the back says that Blake might call himself All Heart, it isn’t All Brains. It takes a stupid son of a bitch, a stupid man to do that to Juice Robinson. You are a boy, just like Narita. Did you see what happened when Narita bit off more than he could chew. It is S*** for Brains Blake Christian. You are barking up the wrong f***ing tree. You haven’t been in the business long and you won’t last long. I hate every wrestler like you. You are not a wrestler. I am a wrestler.

Match Number Three: Fred Rosser versus Jay White in a Non Title Match

White offers his hand to Rosser but he slaps Rosser instead of shaking his hand. White with a side head lock and he goes to the floor when Rosser tries for a kick. White pulls Rosser to the floor and Rosser misses a chop. White with a side head lock take down. Rosser backs White into the corner and White kicks Rosser and connects with a side head lock take down. White with a shoulder tackle but Rosser with a power slam and a Mick Foley clothesline that sends both men over the top rope to the floor. Rosser goes into the crowd and has some fun with the fans. Rosser punches White and then pulls White into the ring post.

Rosser with a crossface chicken wing around the ring post. White goes to the apron and he drops Rosser on the top rope. White sends Rosser into the ring post. White with a gourdbuster on the apron. White chokes Rosser on the floor and then returns to the ring to break the count. White chops Rosser and sends him back into the ring. White with a chop and shoulders in the corner. White rakes at the eyes and follows with a neck breaker for a near fall. White with a waist lock and Rosser with elbows. White with a hard Irish whip.

White with a forearm to the back and an Irish whip. White with a chop. White with an Irish whip and chop but Rosser with a chop of his own. Rosser with chops and clotheslines in the corner. Rosser with a kick to the leg and hips strikes in the corner followed by a running hip strike. Rosser with a seated splash. Rosser tries to get White onto his shoulders but White blocks it. Rosser with a clothesline and a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Rosser with a head butt and he gets White upb tu White gets back to his feet. White with a chop and Rosser chops back. They continue to exchange chops with Rosser gaining the advantage. Rosser tells White to chop him and White kicks Rosser in the knee and hits a DDT. White with a running uppercut into the corner and a twisting suplex for a near fall.

White goes for a uranage but Rosser blocks it. White with chops and Rosser shows no effect. Rosser tells White to chop him again and White does a few more times and Rosser chops back. White with a flatliner followed by a dead lift German suplex. White goes for a uranage but Rosser blocks it. White with knees and he hits the uranage for a near fall. White with chops that sends Rosser to the apron. White chokes Rosser from the apron and kicks Rosser. White tries for a sleeper suplex on the apron but Rosser blocks it and Rosser with chops and a back drop driver onto the apron. Rosser sends White back into the ring and he gets White up but White escapes and hits a sleeper suplex.

White tries for Blade Runner but Rosser blocks it and hits a double knee gut buster for a near fall. Rosser goes for the crossface chicken wing but White stops it. Rossder goes for a slam but Rosser escapes. Rosser escapes Blade Runner and Rosser with Emerald Flowsion for a near fall. White continues to block the crossface chicken wing for a moment until Rosser is able to lock it in. White pushes the referee and kicks Rosser low to force him to release the hold. White tries for Blade Runner but Rosser counters with the crossface chicken wing and a body scissors. White rakes the eyes to escape and hits Blade Runner for the three count.

Winner: Jay White

After the match, Jay takes the mic.

Jay says his people know to stay until the Switchblade has spoken. He says Fred Rosser might be the face of New Japan Strong. Jay takes Fred’s title belt. Jay says he is the creator, founder, and father of New Japan Strong. I would be well within my right to challenge for your title, but fortunately, my hands are a little bit full at the moment. We could have let the champion pick the next challenger. How about the Father of New Japan Strong pick his next challenger. It will be someone to thank them for their new found friendship and give a filthy favor to Filthy Tom Lawlor.

Mr. Rosser, you next challenger will be JR Kratos.

Kratos comes to the ring and he stands over Rosser and picks up the title belt and kicks Rosser. Kratos with a dead lift suplex. Kratos takes the title belt again and stands on Rosser’s back while holding the title belt over his head. Kratos puts the title belt on Fred’s back and leaves the ring.

We go to credits.

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