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By Steven Fernandes on 2022-11-28 10:26:00

Sports Illustrated reported that WWE will be holding a two day try out this Wednesday and Thursday at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL, with 30 to 35 athletes participating. 

They note the next tryout in the US will be in late March before Wrestlemania in LA, in addition to the tryout in Nigeria in February for "The Search for Africa's next WWE Superstar" campaign. 

WWE’s head of talent operations and strategy James Kimball noted the following about the tryout process: 

"There are countless examples of top talent that came into the business via college sports, but there hasn’t always been a system built out,” That’s what we’re trying to create here, a true talent development pathway into WWE for college athletes.

We want a clear calendar. Moving forward, we’re going to emulate what we’ve done in 2022. It’s really important there is a clear schedule, as college athletes have so many options. For wrestlers on the independents, that system is in place and that pathway to WWE is well known, so our resources are allocated to building a new pathway to collegiate sports. We’re just scratching the surface. We’ve been working on this for a year, and it’s going to take years, but we’re growing. We’re adding quality and depth, and the work is just starting with college athletes nationwide."



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