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By Cory Strode on 2022-11-28 08:39:00

NWA Powerrr is still in Charlotte LA at the Sigur Arena, and has Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky are our commentary team.

Kyle Davis is in the ring with EC3 and Thom Latimer. Thom says that EC3 can talk about his problems and addictions, but the last thing he will allow EC3 to say anything bad about his wife. EC3 says that the tag team match tonight is standard wrestling 101 and gives all of the cliches for this kind of match. EC3 says that Thom represents everyone who watches wrestling because he had had problems, and he gives viewers hope.

Thom Latimer and Danny Flamingo vs EC3 and Matt Lancie

Thom and EC3 start out in the ring, and as he said he would, EC3 tags in Matt. Matt and Thom lock up and Matt goes for a headlock than goes to the ropes for a shoulder tackle, taking down Thom. They run the ropes, ending with Thom getting a hip toss. He then gets a drop kick and tags in Danny. They whips Matt into the ropes and Thom gets a drop toehold before leaving the ring as Danny drops the elbow. They move to fight in the corner with Danny keeping control and getting a pair of arm drags.

EC3 tags in and takes down Danny and then tags in Matt again. Danny and EC3 keep control with quick tags and EC3 is busted open. EC3 stays in to work over Danny in the ropes with a choke. He then tags in Matt, who goes for a two count. The quick tags between Matt and EC3 start up again. Danny is eventually able to get out the back of an attempted scoop slam and tag in Thom.

And Thom cleans house on Matt. He throws Matt into his corner and demands EC3 get in the ring. EC3 comes in the ring, but does not tag in. He hits Matt with his finisher, and then tosses him to Thom, telling him to finish the match. Thom locks on the crossface and Matt taps out.

Winners: Thom Latimer and Danny Flamingo

EC3 then tosses Hardbody Harper (a manager) into the ring and Thom locks the crossface on him as well.

We get a vignette of Question Mark 2 teaching Mongrovian Karate. They are invaded by Question mark and Aron Stevens who is screaming that he never lies.

Chuck Divine (Wildkat Champion) vs Nate Bradley

Chuck calls for a greco roman lockup, but he instead starts punching Nate, and pummels him into the corner. Chuck then slams Nate into the corners. Nate flips over and gets a hurricanrana and follows with chops. He then gets a running kick to the face on Chuck in the corner and a German suplex. Chuck retaliates with a fisherman’s suplex and then a rear chinlock.

Chuck lets him get up but then hits a snap mare followed by head scissors on the mat. Nate hits a series of kicks to Chuck’s head to escape. On their feet, Chuck body slams him and then twists his head until Nate punches his way out. Chuck gets a spin kick to the head and follows with a suplex and a two count.

Nate tries for a full nelson, but Chuck reverses it. Nate is able to take Chuck down with a roll through and a leaping stomp. Nate hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Chuck slams Nate down to the mat face first. He then goes to the top and Nate catches him there with a jumping hurricanrana. He follows with a springboard dropkick into a standing shooting star for a two count.

Nate waits for Chuck to get up and locks on a full nelson. Chuck reaches back and rips his hands apart, but Nate repositions and gets a rear waistlock, shoving Chuck into the turnbuckle and following through for a rollup, that Chuck kicks out of at two. Chuck hits a clubbing blow to Nate’s back. He follows with a DDT and the pin for the win.

Winner and still Wildkat Champion: Chuck Divine

In the back, May Valentine is with Pope and JTG. JTG and Pope say they had t o help Team Mayweather because Pope helped JTG when he was younger. Pope says he watches Mayweather’s back. Tonight, they will be winning.

Cyon (NWA National Heavyweight Champion) vs Thrillbilly Silas Mason

They lock up and Silas is able to shove Cyon back. They lock up again and then run the ropes with Silas shoulder blocking Cyon down, who bails to the outside. Cyon gets on the apron and gets a slingshot on Silas before coming into the ring. He then beat on Silas in the corners. Cyon is able to get in a bite as well before a snap mare and kick to the back before standing on Silas’s hair and pulling on his arms. Cyon then moves Silas to the ropes for a series of crossface blows. He then whips Silas into the corner and covers for a two count.

Cyon then gets a rear chinlock on Silas, alternating with elbows. Silas fights his way up on to beat slammed down by Cyon. Cyon goes back to beating on Silas in the corner. Silas fights out with a back elbow and a scoop slam. He drops Cyon with snake eyes in the corner. He charges into Cyan, who gets a boot up. Cyon covers Silas with his feet on the ropes for the pin and the win.

Winner and still NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Cyon

In the back, May Valentine is with Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige, the new NWA?Women’s Tag Team Champions. She asks about their upcoming match with Natalia Markova with Kenzie Paige as the special referee. Ella insults May and says that Kenzie is her best friend and has to be involved. Kenzie then says it is terrible that May would think she is cheating, and did she talk to Kenzie’s ex boyfriend?

Kamille (NWA World Women’s Champion) Vs Jazmin Allure

Kamille is a head taller than Jazmin. They lock up and Kamille tosses Jazmin back. Jazmin tries for a shoulder tackle and is knocked down. She then tries for a waistlock and Kamille reverses it. Jazmin tries for a hip toss and Kamille ignore her. Jazmin tries again and is able to get Kamille down for a schoolgirl and a one count. She tries a series of arm strikes. She is able to get a head scissors takedown, and a few moves in the corner.

Kamille catches Jazmin when Jazmin tries for a head scissors takedown and Kamille power slams her instead for a two count. Kamille follows up with a pair of gut wrench suplexes and a two count. Kamille goes behind and lock on a rear chinlock and hold it as Jazmin tries to get free. Jazmin is able to fight her way free, but Kamille hits a series of hammering blows. Kamille hits a leaping lower bomb for a two count.

Jazmin is able to escape after being whipped to the corner. Jazmin goes for a crossbody and Kamille catches and slams her. Kamille puts her on the top and tries for a superplex, but Jazmin is able to fight and push her off. Jazmin gets a flying back elbow and both women are down. Kamille is up first, but Jazmin gets a jaw breaker and a series of kicks. She charges into the corner, but Kamille shoves her over onto the apron. Jazmin is able to recover gets a flatliner for a two count. She goes for a suplex, but Kamille turns it into a Samoan drop.

Kamille tries for a slam into the top turnbuckle into a slam but Jazmin escapes and hits a back stabber for a two count. Jazmin sets up for a DDT but Kamille tosses her off and follows with a kick to the midsection. Kamille sets up for t he power slam again, and Jazmin hits an over the top stunner. Jazmin goes to the top for a splash, but Kamille gets out of the way. Jazmin lands on her feet, but Kamille nails her with a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner and still NWA World Women’s Champion: Kamille

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