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By Cory Strode on 2022-11-28 08:34:00

WOW - Women of Wrestling aired over the weekend.  Our commentary team is David McLane, Steven Dickey, and AJ Mendez. 

This week’s episode, number 11, is titled: Three, Two, One - WOW.

Disciplinarian w/Samantha Smart and Ice Cold vs Sahara Spars

Spars is able to shove Disciplinarian into the corner when they lock up. Spars is able to keep control with bulldogs and lariats into a two count. As Spars resets, Smart trips her. However, Spars is able to get out of the way for the Disciplinarian’s charge. Disciplinarian gets a clotheslines from the apron and shoves her into the ropes where Smart can choke her as the ref is distracted. Spars is tossed across the ring.

They quickly trade control until Spars gets a neck breaker into a two count. Smart gets on the apron and this allows Disciplinarian to get a clothesline. She moves Spars to the corner and keeps here there with strikes until Spars kicks her way free. Spars got to the top and both Ice Cold and Smart get on the apron. Spars escapes a shoulder carry and rolls up Disciplinarian with a schoolgirl and gets the pi and the win.

Winner: Sahara Spars

While Disciplinarian is all gimmick, Spars had some good moves and looked crisp in this match.

After the match, all three women attack Spars, but Jesse Jones runs in to take out Smart and Ice Cold. She takes out Disciplinarian and Jones calls for a mic. She says she knows people don’t like her, but she has something in common with Spars, they love their country. She will never allow anyone to disrespect anyone who wears the uniform of the country.

Kandi Krush is still looking for the boxing gloves her late grandmother gave her. Leta gives her a new pair of boxing gloves as an apology for not guarding them properly, but Kandi says that they would just remind her that the gift from her grandmother is gone.

BK Rhythm and Glitch vs Kandi Krush and Keta Rush

Kandi starts by attacking, by BK is able to take her down quickly. Keta and Glitch tag in and Keta gets a drop kick and a hurricanrana before beating down Glitch in the corner. Keta tags in Kandi and they whip Glitch into the ropes, but she hangs on and is able to kick Keta in Kandi. Glitch gets a two count. Glitch whips Kandi into her corner and BK is tagged in. They try for s double team attack, but Kandi turns it into a double jawbreaker and gets a two count on BK, broken up by Glitch. They drop Kandi for a two count. Kandi is whipped into the corner again and Glitch uses BK as a stepping stone for a clothesline into Kandi in the corner.

They try for a double back body drop, but Kandi fights out of it. Keto climbs to the top and tags Kandi for a flying cross body into both Glitch and BK. Keta takes out Glitch with a wheelbarrow and then BK with a knee in the corner. Keta gets a two count, broken up by Glitch. BK gets Keta on her back, and Keta tries to fight out of it, driving BK into her own corner, where Kandi tags in. Keta gets a back stabber on BK. Kandi doesn’t cover and instead tells Keta to get out of the ring.

This allows Glitch to come in and hit a kick, BK gets a full nelson face buster into the pin and the win.

Your winners: BK Rhythm and Glitch

We get an update on The Beast’s broken ankle.

We then get a history lesson on Caged Heat’s time as Tag Team Champions, and how the All American Girls fell apart. This lead to the current Tag Team Tournament and we get a rundown of where it came from.

Meanwhile, Kandi gets her gloves back, all ripped apart from chainsaw, which causes her to lose it.

Chainsaw and Holidead vs Miami Sweet Heat (Lindsey and Laurie Carlson) vs The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona)

Less than 6 minutes for this main event, so I expect shenanigans.

We start with Holidead, Kaos, and Lindsey in the ring. They start by blocking each other’s attacks, and then more to taking down Kaoz. Laurie is tagged in, as is Kona, and Chainsaw. Laurie is double teamed in the corner. Lindsey hits a cross body and is tossed to the outside. Holidead is tagged in and she takes down Lindsey with a spine buster. Kona is beating on Holidead when Kandi Krush comes from the back and starts an attack on Chainsaw. This allows Kona to get the pin on Holidead.

Winners: Tonga Twins

Since Chainsaw and Holidead lose, The Tonga Twins and Miami Sweet Heat fight for the title in two weeks.

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