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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-11-28 00:38:00

Beyond Wrestling “Motherlode” 

11/27/22 Somerville, Ma

Streaming on YouTube and IWTV

It’s a rainy night in Somerville. The world famous White Eagle might be our typical home but the balcony at the Somerville Armory is a QUITE nice change of scenery. It’s The first hour of the card is being streamed live on YouTube before switching over to the IWTV stream. Paul Crockett & Alyssa Marino are holding down the commentary table tonight! Let’s goooooo!

Wrestling Open YouTube Preshow

Match 1: “The Abominable” CPA vs “The Silver Sniper” TJ Crawford

TJ tries to rip the toe off but it’s a REAL TIE. A block on an early Form 619, TJ double stomps him to the apron. Crawford is intense and swarming with strikes and stomps. Hard spinning back kick to the head but CPA kicks out. TJ tries to pull the tie again, it’s a fake out! He switched ties! Rollup attempt and CPA firing back. Big cutter stuns the sniper! Form 619 connects! Another shirt ripped off, Dropkick off the top! Kick out! Crawford fights out of Crunch the Numbers. Dragon suplex and a running kick…CPA kicks out! Crawford tries a springboard but CPA catches him and crunches numbers off the top and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: CPA

Match 2: Fancy Ryan Clancy vs “The Dimepiece” Aaron Rourke

Clancy has been wanting a piece of Rourke since he got his ribs crunching through a table a couple months back. Rourke has been on a vicious streak as of late so this could go the wrong way. Nice armdrag takes Rourke down, as Clancy keeps it to his very refined basics early. Rourke kicks out an up and over and just tosses the Fancy one into the buckles. Huge Michanoku driver from two. Clancy with a back suplex reversal out of the corner. Good butterfly suplex, tweak the neck with the foot twist, great running flip senton, Rourke kicks out. He tries the side Russian but Rourke chops the throat. Rourke tries to reverse Clancy’s reversal but Clancy dives over the spear into a sunset flip for the pin! Good little nod to their previous outing. Rourke is having a full on Christian level temper tantrum at the loss!

Winner: Fancy Ryan Clancy

Match 3: Ray Jaz vs Tyree Taylor 

Oh man, Tyree has a big win under his belt this week already but is he gonna take Ray Jaz’s undefeated singles run tonight? Jaz using the ropes to his advantage early. Tyree laying in some hard chops and throws. Jaz tries his sunset flip early but Tyree has it scouted. Jaz powders to the outside and manages to tweak Tyree’s knee on the ropes. Taylor has a target on the knee and Jaz is hard focused on it. Vicious dragon screw as Tyree can’t even make it to his feet. Tyree uses his one good leg to push Jaz to the floor. Jaz is on his feet but wobbly. Hard shoulder block! Stiff right! Powerslam! Jaz kicks out! Jaz with a hard chop block and Tyree drops hard. One Jazmission later and Tyree is forced to tap out. Jaz isn’t done and hits another dragon screw to that damaged knee. Refs are out here to help get Tyree to the back. 

Winner: Ray Jaz

Match 4: Love, Doug (w/ His Tender Weapon) vs  Big Bacon Brad Hollister 

Hollister is asking Doug, why are you even here? Huge shoulder block but Doug is staying ahead of some the the bigger shots. Hollister blocks a headlock takeover. He doesnt love him. Huge chops and whips on “Ol’ Loveless Douglas”. Bacon is just unloading on him and wearing him down with a front choke. Doug gets a boot up and Bacon eats feet. Flying forearm, high knee, cutter! Bulldog connects! Kick out! Hard slap from Hollister crumbles Doug. Brad has a bloody mouth. He screams that he’s a top guy, not Doug. Doug with a falcon arrow for two! Rebound lariat? Brad headbutts him! Sitout powerbomb for two! He tries the deadlift but Doug fights it off…running knee! Kip up! Love springs into life but Brad F5’s out of the ring. Oh my godddd. Doug’s gave collides with the apron on the way down, uggggly drop. Doug struggle back to the apron but Brad is waiting to hit the deadlift jackhammer for the win. Gahdamn.

Winner: Brad Hollister

Main Card “Motherlode”

Match 1: Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase) vs To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech)

Brick City made their return to Wrestling Open in sudden fashion this past Thursday and find themselves right back in the hunt for the Eliminator Cup Tag Team medals. Delaney showing his veteran experience early with his reversals but Cruz is pure power. Cheech saves Colin from a trip to the buckles but Victor just bowls them over with a double clothesline. Brick City keeping Cheech isolated. Cheech avoids a powerbomb and kicks out the knee of Chase. Here comes Colin! Suplex reversal into a stunner! Slingshot Stunner! Cruz throws Colin off of a ddt! They try the double powerslam. Chase pulled out of the ring and eats a spear to the floor! Cheech and Delaney firing back up but Cruz won’t stay down. Delaney sent to the floor..BCB hit a powerslam to the knees. Sick combo. Release northern lights to Colin! Brick End to Cheech and Chase gets the pin as Cruz barely has to hold Delaney back. This was a mauling.

Winners: Brick City Boyz

Match 2: Ortiz vs “The Prize” Alec Price

This is a controversial rubber match as Ortiz can  attribute his win against Price to some Becca shenanigans. Great ovational for the Funky Monkey! Ortiz is all business, he says “they didn’t pay to see me dance, they paid to see me whip your a**”. Price has the taunt machine on full and is clearly in the head of the Beyond/Impact/AEW vet. Ortiz dodges a tornado chop and unloads on the Prize. Dragon screw! Atomic drop! Flapjack to a single leg crab! Hush over the crowd as Ortiz lands some ridiculously hard corner chops. Price fights off an electric chair but the funky monkey smashed a backbreaker and reverse powerslam. Price with a pop up into a hard dropkick gives him some time to breathe. The hard corner kicks! One more time cause he’s trash! Slingshot ddt for two! Ortiz rolls out but Alec Price dives out at him. A brief moment of editorial…I haaaaate dives in this venue because everyone always looks like they’re gonna die on the steps to the stage. Anyways, Ortiz super plexes Price back into the ring but he’s too slow to cover him. Ortiz misses a corkscrew splash, block bustah connects! Price with a Gotch powerbomb for two! Price yells that he has all the respect in the world for Ortiz but he should stay down. Ortiz rips his shirt off and it’s time to test their chests. Otto is biting! Price slingshots in with a cutter! Big suplex with a kick out. Ortiz is in position…Price tries the Suprize kick…Ortiz out. Plank splash for two! Price catches Ortiz in the corner! Hood star stomp! Ortiz hits a powerslam! Price with a pair of head kicks and Ortiz takes a knee. Suprize kick! Price gets the three! This was (as hoped) awesome.

Winner: Alec Price

Becca is out here with Channing Thomas and Sidney Bakabella. Channing is holding Price’s gear bag and dumps it all over the floor. They say he’s not allowed in the back but he chases them off. Ortiz on the mic puts over Alec hard. He clearly misses the indies. Price decides to stay out here with everyone since his gear is here anyways. Why go in the back?

Match 3: Uptown Andy Brown vs “Queen Bee” Brooke Valentine

Brooke is still upset that Andy took the loss for her team at “Bish at the Beach” and wants a chance to make him pay for that blemish on her record. She does offer a handshake and brown kicks it away. Test of strength…Brooke has the power! Hard chop! Brown returning fire and choking Brooke on the rope. This one is weird, I wanted to boo Brooke because she was the aggressor for this match but Brown is definitely working heel. Brooke kicks out the knee, uranage out of the corner. Hard clothesline! Brown with a high knee but Brooke blasts a discus forearm! Cannonball! Brooke eats a COD and flying forearm to the back of the head and Brooke stays down. Brown attacking the knee after the bell but Eel O’Neal runs out to save Brooke!

Winner: Andy Brown

Hot Sauce Tracy Williams is out here. He calls what he’s seen in Beyond since he left terrible and demands someone come out and prove the locker room still has killers. Rex Lawless is here!

Match 4: Hot Sauce Tracy Williams vs Rex Lawless

Rex is back and cleared for combat! Hot Sauce gets tossed, slammed and chopped around the ring by the big man. Sauce with a block to the wrist which hurts Rex. An armbar and gf the ropes softens that limb up more. Sauce can escape the big slams now. Rex gets posted. Hard splash to the arm! Williams looking for a submission, choking the life out of Rex with his own damaged arm. Rex out and tries a splash but eats a boot. Sauce dives but caught….guillotine choke but Rex slams him back. Trading hard chops and forearms! Fight to the top…ddt to the top buckle. Hard lariat but Rex kicks out! Running dropkicks stagger Rex in the corner! Dodge and Williams is hung up! Chokebreaker out of the tree of woe! Big spinning chokeslam in the center and Hot Sauce is slain!

Winner: Rex Lawless

Match 5: BUSSY (Effy & Allie Katch) vs Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen

Katch and LMK had a fun showdown this past Thursday that did NOT go all f***ing day. LMK wants to fight Effy right away. She has that insane little dog energy but Effy has long arms and holds her back. LMK is biting. She tries a chokeslam? Effy plays along and tries to chokeslam her instead. She scares the crap out of him before tagging in Teddy. Effy drops to his knees to catches Goodz running but Goodz also has long arms to keep Effy at bay. BUSSY just keeping Goodz in the corner and double teaming like crazy. Allie with a low cross body and Effy comes in with the seated tea bag senton. Goodz scouts them and tags to LMK! Kathleen is in a fury! Effy dropped head first into Allie’s nethers and She runs all over them! Flavor bomb! Kick out! LMK tries a piledriver but…no…just no. Air raid crash from Katch but LMK kicks out. Big backbreaker from Effy and blows raspberries on her belly? LMK screaming as Katch Carrie’s her around for a slam!  LMK is biting again but Allie blasts her into the buckles. Effy misjudged a boot and Allie goes down! LMK hits a sliced bread to Effy onto Allie’s broken corpse. Tag to Teddy! Goodz on fiiiiiyah! Iconoclasym to Allie! Cutter to Teddy! LMK tossed to Effy…they hit a TWO GAY POWER TRIP finisher lollllllll. Double Kick out! BUSSY with a doomsday large lariat but LMK saves the pin! She tries a Dudley dog but Effy accidentally spears Allie! Cactus clothesline from Teddy to Effy. LMK hits a Dudley dog! LMK pins Allie Katch!

Winner: Goodz & LMK

Match 6: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs “World Class” Channing Thomas (w/ Sidney Bakabella) 

This seems like it’s going to be a wild one. Bakabella calls Thomas an undefeated hardcore deathmatch legend. He runs Tremont down hard as being a sideshow freak. This is pure Bakabella gold. Tremont takes the mic? He promised to forcibly insert Bakabella’s HOF ring in his rear end. As for Channing, Tremont decides to make this one an ANYTHING GOES match. Uh ohhhhhh! Tremont throwing stiff closer fists and hard chops. Big corner splash. Tremont wants his big chain but Bakabella stole it. Tremont goes for a table and chair. Bakabella grabs the Bulldozer’s foot but it’s pretty ineffective. Tables up in the corner as Channing Does a headlock takeover and Bakabella screams this is death match wrestling! Bakabella picks his spot and chokes Tremont with his chain before he tosses it to Thomas for more damage. Chain assisted punches to the head. He wants to put Tremont through the table…..Tremont reverses it and looks like we’re primed for a DVD through the wood…Channing rolls him up, feet on the ropes! Channing Thomas steals the three!

Winner: Channing Thomas 

Alec Price runs in from the crowd and sends Channing back into the waiting arms of Tremont. Channing goes through the table! Bakabella is left alone and Tremont and Price GET THE TABLES! 3D TO BAKABELLA THROUGH THE TABLE! Channing Thomas and Bakabella are a pair of corpses through intermission as Beyond charges people $20 to get in the ring and take photos with the bodies. Lol. 

Match 7: Miracle Ones (Dustin Waller, Kylon King & Ichiban) vs Above The Rest (Gabriel Skye, Tristan Thai & Dezmond Cole)

It’s lucha rules for this 6-man! I have high hopes for this clash. ATR going for a handshake but Dustin is sus of them doing it with their left hands. Of course it’s a trap and we’re off to the races. Ichiban and Boofa going fast and hard right out the gate. Thai and Kylon trade some hard strikes. Skye and Dustin with some impressive combos coming down in a double pose. Trading head scissors. Everyone missing dives and eating canvas. They come to a stalemate for a moment before the brawl breaks back out. A trios worth of one punches! Cole takes a stereo dropkick and Kylon bridges a northern lights for two. Wheelbarrow splash/senton/legdrop/shooting star combo. Skye break up the pin but Boofa got rocked. Thai with a lightning quick superkick to Ichiban. Sick. Ichiban kicks out of a fisherman’s suplex. Thai takes out the knee of Ichiban. Ichiban trying to escape but eats a powerbomb from Boofa! Assist splash for one! Assist 450 for two! Skye throws a bird to Waller as they keep the pressure on. Ichiban with a flip and lariat but Skye clears the apron. Finally a roll through and tag! Waller going wild! Poisonrana to Skye! Handspring cutter to Thai. Kylon in with  the German but Boofa breaks it up! Boofa with a split dodge and capo kick! Kylon kicks his head off and hits the brain buster! Double underhook suplex from Skye! Ichiban with a powebomb! Thai with a full Nelson into a neckbreaker but Flash off the top in a splash. The crowd is hot as hell for this. Both teams laid out and brawling to their feet. Ichiban and Cole are singled out by their opponents and dropped and get put in double Boston crabs. No one gives up! Brawling to the floor! Ichiban back up with a springboard elbow! Boofa with a dive out to the floor. Thank f*** it looks like the stairs are gone. Ichiban with a destroyer to Boofa! Skye breaks it up! ATR going hard on Ichiban. Number one gets flipped into a hard knee! Top rope splash across the ring to break it up! We’ve got the waterfall of big moves. Ichiban thrown into a flatliner on Skye. Kylon has Skye up for a doomsday…he lands on his f***ing head. Oh my god. Skye looks okay but that was really scary. Triple splashes to Kylon but Dustin dives in to break it up. Back to the war of brawling. Back and forth shots on the ropes! Triple dive to the floor! Rich is moving the stairs. Good man. Cole thrown back in. Doomsday destroyer to Cole. Holy f*** he lands bad too. Ichiban with an elbow drop and this car crash is over! Absolutely wild. I really hope Skye and Cole are okay because this match was nuts, even before those rough landings. Jeeeeeeesus 

Winners: Miracle Ones

Match 8: Kings of the District (Jordan Blade & Eel O’Neal) vs Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando) (IWTV T4 Summit Match) 

We have some kind of slightly longer tag ropes for this contest? Orlando is big and strong and bowls Eel over. Hard elbow drop from Bryce but it’s too early to call it here. Eel isn’t loving the goofiness of Shook Crew and gets a blind tag to Jordan. Eel laughing in Bryce’s face as Jordan comes in to take him apart. Blade throwing hands and reminding Bryce that they were a replacement for their original opponents, Waves & Curls. Orlando tags in but tweaks his knee immediately. He tries an up and over and it HURTS. O’Neal with a chop block and drives that knee into the mat repeatedly. Blade with a bridging knee lock and Orlando is in deep trouble. He tries a sick trick dropkick…but yeah, that hurts the knee bad. He crawls and gets the tag to Bryce! Springboard forearm to the top of Jordan’s head. Black hole slam to Eel! Kick out! Blade with another tag, spinning backfist and dumps Bryce to the mat for two. Bryce gets Jordan into a doomsday…Doomsday device! eel breaks it up! Bryce and Eel spill to the floor. Jordan with a spinning back kick to Orlando but our mom kicks out. Orlando fighting back with clubbing blows but his knee gives out again. Eel with an ankle lock! Bobby makes the rope. Bobby rammed off the apron and Bryce eats a powerbomb cutter for two! KOTD almost collides. Bryce with a kick! Tag to Bobby and huge lariats! Eel is raging and throwing hands back. Dragon screw but Bobby lands a sick trick cutter! Tag to Bryce! Blade sent flying! Virtue Signal to Eel and Shook Crew advances to the quarterfinals!

Winners: Shook Crew

Match 9: “The Pop Star” B3CCA vs “The Death Samurai” Akira 

Becca has…roadies? Entourage members? Bodyguards? They have sunglasses and hold her jacket. Alec Price is out at his merch table, to take in the fight his former manager got herself into. Becca takes her head off at the bell. Hard chops on the corner. Becca reverses and throwing her own hands but Akira boots her head off. Akira baits her into a knee and a fakes her out. Hard kicks to the back and chest. Akira ain’t holding back and gets her to the floor into the arms of her mooks. Akira tries a dive but Becca dodges and her putty patrol eats it. Becca in control with kicks and slaps and chokes. Becca goes to the eyes. Running forearm. Becca pulling at the hair and trying to tap him out. Dropkick to the spine and Akira is bent into the buckles the wrong way. Akira catches her with a cobra clutch suplex. Running corner boot. Corner dropkick! Northern lights, running forearm for two! Becca with a roll through but only gets two. Swinging facebuster from Becca. Another two. Akira with a hard German but kickout. the bodyguards getting involved and distract the ref. They hold a chair up and Becca boots him in the head and Akira is down for the three. Becca looks so proud of herself. 

Winner: Becca

Becca takes the mic and reminds everyone that Alec can’t wrestle in Worcester anymore so she’s gonna give everyone a special New Years Eve performance at the Wrestival instead. Price reminds her that she signed her name to the contract so she WILL be in a Fans Bring The Weapons. And if HE can’t be in Worcester, she can fight his replacement…SLADE. Oh my godddddd. Becca looks horrified. Price is laughing at his Gahbidge Queen. SLADE chases Becca and her goons out of the building as Alec signs the ol’ nahnahnahnah nahnahnahnah heyheyhey goodbye Gahbidge song. Fun moment and this could be a bad start to 2023 for the Pop Star.

Main Event: Masha Slamovich vs Willow Nightingale

Willow tries an early powerbomb but Masha with a head scissor reversal. Quick pins attempts to a stalemate. Masha feigns a handshake but starts tossing Willow around by her big hair. Big slams from Willow. She pulls up Masha for repeated clotheslines and a back suplex. Willlow slid into the ropes and catches her face on the middle one. Ow. Masha wrenching at the neck of Willow. Snap suplex for two. Huge lariat lays out the babe with the power. Trading hard chops to the chest! Willow crumbles Masha in the corner but eats a spinning heel kick as she comes running for the kill. Hard spine buster from Willow as Masha comes running. Masha with an air raid crash into the buckles! Willow with corner lariats. This is ridiculously back and forth.  Masha dodges a cannonball. Huge German! Willow dodges the running leg lariat. Cannonball! Kick out! Crowd is split for both these ladies…Willow takes it in as Masha springs to life and applies a rear naked choke. Willow up and backpacks her! She winds up the discus lariat…Masha with a hard kick. Running leg lariat! Willow gets the bottom rope! Willow staggering, Masha tries a jackknife…Willow tries a rollup. Back and forth struggling! Willow with a burst of power and hits a gutwrench sitout powerbomb for the win! This was really good.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Willow wants the mic. She puts over Masha’s sheer toughness. This was a hard fought win, just like many things in her life. She had a hard fight against Jordynne Grace. She had a hard fight against Masha Slamovich. And for new years, she has the fight of her life….against LUFISTO!

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