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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-11-26 19:53:00

Wrestling Open 47 “Autumn Classic”

11/24/22 Worcester, MA

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It’s Thanksgiving night. Turkey has been consumed, both with family and with the wrestling family outside in the line at the White Eagle. Autumn Classic has had a monster build for the last several weeks so it’s time to see if this is going to pay off in practice. 46 weeks of good shows mean all signs point to yes but our biggest story is absolutely hot to death:

The Big Bet. The Giant Gamble. Is this the last hurrah for Alec Price in Worcester or will this become Sad Sidney’s Sudden Sendoff? As a fan and writer, I actually hate BOTH options here so I’m kind of praying for an out…but I know all the verbiage around this to set it up has really closed a lot of loopholes. So we’ll see.

But first, it’s a Spotlight Match! It’s a 4-way?!?

Spotlight Match: Thomas Leduc vs Cecil Nix vs PacMan Lex vs Hot Stepper Macrae Martin

Hot Stepper wants a Dance off but Lex just bowls him over. He just yeets Cecil and Leduc around. Martin pulls the rope and Lex is sent over. Posted! It’s a competitive fight again! Hot Stepper off the ropes but Cecil catches him in a bomb. Superkick from Leduc and uh oh, Lex is back! Cecil is technically great but Lex hits a huge pounce. Spinning head kick to Lex. Macrae with a Rubix Cube variation for the win! Great energy for this one!

Winner: Macrae Martin

And we’re LIIIIIIVE on IWTV! Paul Crockett and Denver Colorado are at the microphone desk. “Sexy” Rich Palladino is your announcer. Worcester is loaded on Turkey and ready to f***ing rumble. We have new entryway lights! Let’s goooooooooooo!

Match 1: Big Bacon Brad Hollister vs Ichiban (2 out of 3 Falls)

1st Fall: Brad is wearing literal war paint and pacing as Ichiban makes his entrance. Brawling right at the bell! This is some Steen/Generico energy. Ichiban sends him flying and dives right after. Hollister’s war paint is flying off under the fury of Ichiban’s attack. Lots of quick pin attempts but Bacon hits a dead lift vertical suplex to turn the tide. Hard chops and a toss across the ring. Ichiban tries a slingshot but Bacon uppercuts him out of the sky. Hard kick to the back out of the head. Running high knee. Bacon can’t get the pin. Ichiban tries a crossbody, Bacon just walks off. Hard knee as Ichiban tries to skin the cat. Ichiban tries to avoid it but Bacon powerbombs him to the apron. Ichiban barely makes the ten count! Bacon is furious and storms over but Ichiban rolls him up. He gets the three! 

2nd Fall: bacon comes running in for the kill but Ichiban is fired up. He almost finishes the match right here! Dodge of a German! Tornado ddt! Kick out! Ichiban to to the top but Brad crotches him on the buckle. Bacon pushes him off and Ichiban crashes to the floor, hitting the apron on the way. Ichiban is back but Bacon hits the outside in deadlift suplex! Kick out! Brad wants the jackhammer but Ichiban rana’s him off the top! AA! Ichiban off the top with an elbow and falls right into Bacon’s rear naked choke. Ichiban  goes out and the ref calls the second fall for Hollister.

3rd Fall: Ichiban comes to but he only has 30 seconds to recover. Bacon charging in, hip attacks in the corner. He stops and just laughs at how prone Ichiban is. It’s a bad move as Ichiban fires out of the corner! Destroyer! Flatliner! Bacon is lights out and down for the three!

Winner: Ichiban

Match 2: Allie Katch vs Little Mean Kathleen

Katch is legit blown away at the crowd reaction for LMK. Welcome back to Worcester. LMK coming running and bouncing off Allie. He gets a head scissors before trying…a chokeslam?!? Allie ain’t having that and just bowls her over. LMK is a chattering gremlin through this as Allie is running her over. LMK screams happy thanksgiving as she blasts a boot and lariat. Running stomps! Flavor Bomb! Kick out! Allie reversal of the Dudley dog and stuffs her with a piledriver for the win!

Winner: Allie Katch

Match 3: The Haven (Shawn Knyte & Jay Onyx) vs Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando) 

The Haven are looking to prove themselves and the Shook Crew are one of the best teams to have that test with. Knyte is more than capable of hanging with Bryce & Bobby. Onyx with the tag in and blasts over our mom. Atomic drop! Knyte sends into a corkscrew splash for two! Knyte with the rollup but Bryce suplex him into Bobby’s knees. Knyte trying to make the reach to the tag but Shook is all over him. Reversal into a German! Tag to Onyx! Big boots and a northern lights! Bryce tries cut it off but eats a flying clothesline for two. Bryce fights off the double team and suplexes the Haven! Bobby in but Knyte cuts it off. Suplex flatliner to Bobby! Bryce breaks up the pin! They try again, Bryce catches Onyx to a black hole slam. Sick trick cutter to Knyte! Knyte fights off the virtue signal and almost rolls up Bryce! Kick out! Big slam from Bryce and he runs interference on Onyx as Bobby hits the dab elbow drop for the win! Good hugs and respect after this wraps.

Winners: Shook Crew

Someone just ambushes the Haven! Men in black hoodies and masks. They hit a power bomb and rikishi driver. Oh noooo! Who is this…OH NO ITS THE G****** BRICK CITY BOYZ! They’re baaaaaaack!

Match 4: The Nu Graysons (Tommy & JP Grayson w/ Alex Cypher) and The Even Steven’s (Steve Somerset and Steve Azure) vs 50 Cal , Gal Barkay, Fancy Ryan Clancy & CPA (4on4 Elimination Match)

You can’t have a show on Thanksgiving without a classic elimination match! You just CANNOT! Azure and Somerset try to take out 50 early. 50 Cal rips off his shirt, big powerslam to Somerset and he’s down for three! JP catches 50 on the top rope and Azure hits a big boot for the pin! Down to 3on3! JP trying to fire up but he keeps running into CPA shenanigans! Flying kick! Form 619! Alex Cypher provides the distraction and the Graysons hit a Check yo Neck for the pin. Tommy fighting with Barkay and comes flying into a blue Thunder bomb for the pin! Fancy Clancy coming in hot! Monkey flip to Azure! Azure fights off the side Russian but falls victim to a German for the pin. It’s 2 on 1 and JP is in trouble. He tries to leave but gets dragged back in for a pendulum chokeslam from Barkay for the win! What a sprint but fun!

Winners and Survivors: Gal Barkay & Fancy Ryan Clancy

Match 5: “The Shot Caller” Pedro Dones vs Love Doug 

Pedro is calling his shot, he’s coming Doug’s HEART. Doug is on fire at the start and Dones is getting those smooches. Huge double axe handle from Pedro and he’s stomping the Love out of Cupid Douglas. Doug is surviving but Dones is slowly taking Doug apart and hits a double stomp to the side of the chest. Doug is down for the three! Ugly finish. Pedro attacking after the bell and Bobby Orlando makes the save! Pedro doesn’t take kindly to that but heads to the back. 

Winner: Pedro Dones

Match 6: Alec Price vs Channing Thomas (w/ Sidney Bakabella)

If Price wins the match, Sidney Bakabella will leave wrestling forever. If Price can’t do it or the time limit expires, he will never wrestle in Worcester again. This is hot as hell and Channing comes flying in. Price eats a hell of a lot of shots but starts to chop free and crack Channing across the chest harrrd. Huge lariat rebound from Channing and Bakabella is looking  massively confident. Price firing back with dropkicks! Channing catches him with a huge suplex. Hard shot to the shoulder and Alec is looking hurt. Bakabella telling Thomas to focus on the back. Huge backbreaker and hard forearms to the lowers. Price trying to fight back but his back isn’t playing along. He tries to roll ups but it’s not enough. Channing guts him on the top rope and hits a huge German. Knee drop to the back for two. Alec out, Surprize kick dodged! Disaster kick! Tornado ddt! Channing out of the corners and tries to steal Price’s signature taunt…but he’s trash and can’t compete it! Channing rolls out but Alec comes flying after. Slingshot cutter outta nowhere! Bakabella looking very worried. Price tries the Suprize kick again but can’t get there! Channing tries to put him away but the northeast beast keeps kicking out. We have only 4 minutes in the 20-min time limit left! It’s piledriver time…..Price fights out but gets caught in a sharpshooter. Bakabella is trying to get the bell ring screwjob style! Channing keeps Price in the hold and drags him back to the center and sits down into it. The crowd chanting Please Don’t Tap. Price fighting out but Channing keeps him grounded. Price with a rollup as we hit one minute left! Price fights out of the piledriver! Running air raid crash to a neckbreaker! Prize with a ddt! Suprize kick! Bakabella gets Channing’s foot on the rope! Price hits a piledriver and goes for the pin as the time limit runs out. Oh nooooooo!

Winner: Time Limit Draw…Alec Price can not wrestle in Worcester ever again. Bakabella and Channing get out of there as Price takes in the enormity of what just happened. The crowd chants for their Ace as he says goodbye to us. Wow. It happened. The crowd is shook. 

Match 7: Steven Stetson vs Tyree Taylor (Bullrope Match) 

We’re doing “drag ‘em to all four corners” rules tonight. Stetson tries to take a powder before they even get the rope on and this is just a brawl around the ringside area. The crowd gives us a spelling less as Tyree gets the match going. Ring the bell and Stetson eats a bell shot and he is GUSHING. It’s so early for all this blood! Stetson blasts a shot with the bell and almost hits the four corners in succession. Stetson trips up Tyree with the rope and unloads on the big man. “You wanted this” screams Stetson. Stetson tries the walk again but Tyree hits a Samoan drop! Huge corner spear! Shoulder blocks! Stetson is a MESS. Stetson rolls out and Tyree tries to make the walk. Stetson pulls Tyree into the ropes. Huge bell shot. Stetson ties up Tyree and walks him around…Tyree is hitting the buckles too! Stetson making the walk to the fourth corner…Tyree hits a Brooklyn Zoo bomb and hits the fourth corner for the win! Man, this match could have been dead in the water after Alec’s loss took the wind out of Worcester’s sails but damn, a pile of unexpected crimson brought the room right back. Awesome but gross fight. That rope is a mess. Lol.

Winner: Tyree Taylor

Main Event: Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King)(c) vs Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon) (for the Eliminator Cup Tag Team Championships) 

This is heated as both teams are shoving before the bell. Lyon with a sweep to Waller but they roll to a double pose. Midas and Kylon get into a brawl, Midas slapping the soul out of King. Kylon with a good takedown and swarms until Midas heads for the safety of the ropes. Huge flurry from Miracle but Midas hits a double elbow to the back of the head. Tag to Lyon! Mane Event tries to dodge the dives but Kylon catches them with a high angle Moonsault to the floor! This is already awesome. Midas with a neckbreaker as the refs back is turned and Kylon is on the backpedal. Full Nelson bomb but Kylon kicks out! Dustin kicked off the apron, huge crab on Kylon! Mane Event tries a pose but it’s a really dumb moment for them to lose their focus as Kylon gets em with a dropkick and tags Dustin. Huge poison rana to Lyon! DVD onto Lyon! Kick out! Midas in with a great spin kick! Dustin cuts it off but Lyon powerbombs him. Kylon tries to reverse the tombstone but Lyon hits it. He goes for another but Kylon flips it and hits it! We hit the ten minute mark with everyone down. Midas and Kylon brawling to their feet! High knee from king! He posts himself…Midas with the rollup but the ref sees his feet on the ropes. Cheaty clowns! Handspring Cutter from Dustin while. Idas argues! German from Kylon! Spike powerbomb to Midas but Lyon cuts off the pin! Dustin tries a dive to the floor but Lyon catches and posts him. Powerbomb sliced bread off the top! Kylon is still moving…Grand Finale! Dustin off the top with a splash into the pin! Lyon sent to the apron….he tries to German Dustin off there…Dustin fights it off…clothesline back in! Second rope Apron splash! Midas and Kylon are coming too. 15 minutes down. 5 to go? Kylon with a sunset flip for two. Midas can hang with this as they trade attempts. Brain buster…reversed! Midas tries to hold the ropes on the rollup but the ref catches it! Kylon reverses the rollup and gets a hand on the rope to secure the win! A slightly dirty move from the champs but goodness knows Mane Event has been trying it all night. You get what you deserve.

Winners (and Still Tag Team Champions): Miracle Generation

And that’s it for Autumn Classic! Absolutely great show top to bottom! Just settle in and watch a lot of great action as every stipulation delivered tonight. This Sunday is Beyond Wrestling’s Motherload show and Wrestling Open is having a big showing out party against some independent big names. Until then!

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