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By Cory Strode on 2022-11-25 17:04:00

It is Friday and AEW Rampage was recorded after Dynamite at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago IL. Our commentary team is Excalibur, Jim Ross, Ian Riccaboni, and Tony Schaivone.

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions) vs Top Flight (Darius Martin & Daunte Martin)

Darius and Dax start the match quickly, running the ropes, shoulder tackling, hip tosses and other takedowns. Dax gets the upper hand and gets a pair of two count falls before tagging in Cash. Cash comes in with strikes, and Darius is able to get an arm drag and a tag to Dante. Cash goes back to strikes and a shoulder tackle.

They run the ropes and Dante gets a blind tag, and Cash keeps working on him until he is tossed into the ropes, where Darius gives him a high kick and enters the ring. Top Flights does a series of double team  moves into a two count. Cash works Darius to his corner so that Dax can tag in. Dax comes in with a brutal chop, knocking Darius down. Darius is able to recover and they trade chops. Dax wins the battle of chops with a forearm, and tags in Cash.

Darius goes for a sunset flip on Cash, but he and Dax hold hands to block the attempt. Dante flies off the top with a knee strike to break it up and all four men are fighting in the ring. FTR rolls to the outside with Dante on the top. Dante drops down and we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, all four men are back in the ring and Top Flight clotheslines FTR out of the ring.  Darius gets a tope between the ropes and Dante leaps from the top right after. Darius rolls Dax into the ring and Dante goes to the top to hit a flying cross body for a two count. Darius is tagged in, and he slams Dante onto Dax. Dante goes for the cover, but Darius pulls him off since he is the legal man and gets a two count. 

Dante is tagged in and Dax flights his way free for the blind tag. Dante is in FTR’s corner and moves to the top. Dax gets the slingshot power bomb and Cash hits a big splash for a two count. All four men are down and Dax and Darius are the first up. They brawl with Dax taking Darius down with a clothesline. Dax goes to his corner to tag in and FTR tries for the Big Rig, but Cash is knocked out of the ring. Top Flight tries for a big move, but theirs doesn’t work either. 

Dante slams Dax and Darius hits a big splash and covers, but Cash runs into Dante and they both fall onto the pin to break it up.  Cash is able to get a Spanish Fly on Darius. Dax is up and hits him with a brain buster. Dax and Dax trade quick roll ups, and Cash tags himself in. Dante tries for the Nose Dive, misses and gets caught by FTR in the Big Rig. Cash for the pin and the win.

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: FTR

I liked this match. A good contrast of styles, FTR worked well with Top Flight, and it was a way to showcase the reunited Top Flight, since I would think most fans think of Dante as a solo act, forgetting how good Top Flight is.

The Gunn Club comes out and mockingly bow to FTR while holding a comically large bag of popcorn.

In the back, we hear from Powerhouse Hobbs.

Chris Jericho is out with the entire Jericho Appreciation Society.  Jericho is introduced by Angelo Parker and states he is the best ROH Champion of all time.  This brings out Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio says that Jericho is NOT the greatest ROH champion of all time.  He doubts himself, so he doesn’t want to beat Jericho, he has to and challenges Jericho to a title match. Jericho says Claudio does NOT get another shot because he has nothing to offer Jericho.  Matt Menard suggests that if Claudio loses, he joins the Jericho Appreciation Society.  Claudio agrees.  They will face off at Final Battle on December 10.

And Chicago HATES Sammy Guevara. A LOT.

Renee Paquette is in the back with Toni Storm.

Darby Allin vs Anthony Henry

Excalibur lets us know they have fought multiple times in the past, but I am pretty sure Henry is on a different career path. 

Henry gets almost all the offense before we go to picture in picture. When we return to full screen, Darby is in the tree of woe and Henry is standing on his head. The ref calls him off, and he comes back to nail Darby with kicks. Henry hits a neck breaker on Darby for a two count.

Darby is able to fire up and hits a Code Red for a two count. Henry rolls out of the ring and JD Drake pulls him to the other side of the ring and helps him back in. The ref then checks on Henry and Drake plasters Darby and rolls him back in the ring. Henry gets a two count and Sting clotheslines Drake and then is tossed into the barricade.

In the ring, Henry has Darby up, and hits a superplex. Henry hangs on and Darby is able to escape out the back and hit a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby goes to the top for a coffin drop , followed by the pin and the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

In the back, Lexi Nair is with Athena who wants the ROH Women's title.

Hikaru Shida vs Queen Aminata

Penelope Ford and the Bunny come down the ramp, allowing Aminata to attack Shida from behind. Aminata goes for an Air Raid Crash, but Shida is able to reverse it into a jack knife and a two count. Shida hits a falcon arrow, follows with the katana, and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

10 is not there for the Mark Henry interview segment, and Alex says they have been annoying them. Blade says they don’t care who is here, and they want to kick ass.  Rush is tired of talking and NEEDS to fight.

Butcher, Blade and Rush vs Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds and 10) 

10 does not come out with Dark Order. 

When the bell rings, the brawl starts. In the ring we have Alex and Blade. Alex takes down Blade with charges in the corner and in the middle of the ring, but Blade is able to start fighting back, and Butcher is tagged in. They keep Alex in their corner and work him over with quick tags. Alex is able to fight his way free and tags in Silver.

Silver cleans house until he tries a dive where he is caught by Butcher and takes an elbow from Rush, as the story of the match is that the Dark Order is outnumbered. The match goes to picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Silver is fighting his way free from Butcher and Blade. Rush gets the tag and knocks Alex off the apron and starts stomping down Silver, taunting him.  On the stage, Evil Uno and -1 motion to the back and Preston Vance (10) runs to the ring. He slides into the ring and stands face to face with Rush. He attacks Silver, and Rush is able to get the drop-kick in the corner on Silver for the pin and the win.

Winners: Butcher, Blade, and Rush.

The beat down begins with even Evil Uno getting destroyed with Discus Clotheslines, which was Brody Lee’s move.  Evil Uno’s mask is ripped up and Alex is put through the timekeeper’s table. Vance marches up the ramp and throws his mask at -1, and starts laughing at him. -1 is crying  as Rush’s team stands tall. 

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