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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-24 22:04:00

This week's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV episode was mostly made up of Thanksgiving clips from the past.  So, our report won't be as detailed as usual.  

They showed the 2008 Turkey Bowl, where Rhino pinned Alex Shelley, forcing him to wear the turkey suit:

There was a segment on what Impact stars are thankful for.  Probably not having to be in a Turkey Bowl!

There was a backstge vignette where Deaner and the other Violent by Design cultists were asking Eric Young about his loss at Over Drive.  Young said they have to go back to where it all began.  I am guessing they are going back to the prison where the vignettes for the group started?

They showed the Kurt Angle Thanksgiving Dinner vignette from 2007:

They recapped the Mickie James-Deonna Purrazzo angle from Over Drive:

They aired Robbie E vs. Grado in a Turkey Suit match from 2016:

They showed Bully Ray's attack on Josh Alexander and his wife at Over Drive.

They aired the 2013 Rockstar Spud Turkey Dinner segment...

They showed Rich Swann winning the six way elimination match at Over Drive.

Backstage, Kenny King cut a promo saying he could have won but was more focused on Speedball than winning.  He said he would expose the fraud that is Bailey:

The showed the 2017 Eli Drake Turkey Trot:

Steve Maclin cut a promo complaining that the title shot Kazarian got should have been Maclin's all along.  Great intensity here:

They aired the 2007 Turkey Bowl, which featured AJ Styles losing to Samoa Joe and being forced to wear the Turkey Suit:

There were a lot of the ghosts of TNA Thanksgivings past here and man, they did not age well.

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