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By Anthony Pires on 2022-11-23 20:13:00

It's Wednesday Night! And that means it's time for AEW Dynamite LIVE. Excalibur, Taz and Tony Schiavone are on the call from Chicago!

William Regal is in the ring and he is getting vociferously booed. He tells us that the new AEW World Champion is not here and does not have time to visit lowly places like Chicago.

F U Regal Chants abound.

Jon Moxley comes out through the crowd.

Bryan Danieslon stops him from progressing. He says the BCC have all done bad things. Danielson slaps Moxley and pleads for calmness. Danielson said Regal helped him understand his late father.

There's a face off. Moxley wants Regal to run as far as he can and never come back. NOW! Regal walks off. 

Renee Paquette is with Keith Lee. Swerve Strickland shows up and blocks the camera.

AEW All Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy vs. Jake Hager

Hager grabs the sunglasses and puts them on. Kicks by Cassidy into a dropkick, he rams Hager's head into the buckle, Hager flies over the top rope after being tricked. Tope attempt by Cassidy. Hager catches him and runs him into the rail as we go to commercial.

We're back and Hager throws Cassidy over the top. Hager is still wearing his hat. Cassidy with a tope. Corkscrew moonsault to the floor on Menard and Parker. DDT by Cassidy for 2. Hager blocks the Orange Punch and hits a rock bottom for 2. Hager with an ankle lock. Cassidy pulls the hat off and hits an Orange Punch and a victory roll for the pin.


QT Marshall and the factory come out. Lights out. Julia Hart is on the ramp and she brings out the House of Black. They lay waste to Chaos. Then they clear the area of the Factory. Security tries to restore order but they are no match. King lays one out with Dantes Inferno.

Malakai asks us all to rise. Lights out.

AEW World Title Eliminator: Ethan Page vs. Ricky Starks

Kick by Page to the gut. Go behind by Starks, Page rolls him off and does some jumping jacks. Kick by Starks, he pounds Page in the corner. Page rams Starks into the corner and shoulder blocks him. Starks with a chop, Page takes the edge and stomps him in the corner. gut buster by Starks. Page rams Starks into the rail as we go to commercial.

We're back and Page with a big forearm. Starks misses a clothesline. Page sends Starks to the floor. Starks with a punch. He tries a tope and Stokely Hathaway pulls Page away. Referee ejects Hathaway. Page and Starks exchange punches and it's Starks with a superplex. Starks with a swinging neckbreaker. DDT by Starks for 2. Page blocks Rochambeau and nails a powerslam for 2. Boots tp the face by Page and a spear by Starks . Starks nails a 2nd spear for the pin


We get video highlights of Samoa Joe's TNT title victory at Full Gear.

We see Jade Cargill interrupting Bow Wow's press conference. Jade has no comment. Next week there'll be a Baddie Celebration.

Best of 7 match 2.  Death Triangle vs The Elite

Chicago doesn't seem to love the elite, No way in hell I can do this without bullet points: 

Omega and Fenix kick us off. V Trigger by Omega and all 6 brawl
The Elite stomp down on Fenix. Spinebuster by Omega for 2
Matt Jackson, on the floor, sends Penta into the rail
Fenix with a cutter to Omega
Tornado DDT to the outside by Fenix
Pac tags in and stomps Omega on the back of the head.
Risky Business by Death Triangle
Back elbow by Omega to Pac
Matt Jackson with a moonsault to the Death Triangle on the floor.
Omega and Pac battle it out in the ring. Bulldog by Omega. First CM Punk chant of the night as we go to commercial
We're back and it's complete chaos
Fenix with a rana off the top on Nick Jackson
Pac and Omega ar enow legal. V Trigger by Omega
The Elite remove Pac's nose protector
BTE Trigger on Pac. Fenix breaks up the pin
Omega tags in and nails a V Trigger. 
GTS by Omega for 2.
Matt Jackson tags in. Pc rolls him uo for 2
Fenix takes out the Bucks with a Tope con hilo. 
Low blow by Matt Jackson. Penta nails him with a hammer and Pac scores the pin

WINNERS DEATH TRIANGLE (lead series 2-0)

Renee Paquette announces that AEW has asked Thunder Rosa to relinquish the AEW Women's title. Renee introduces the new AEW World Women's champion. Dr. Baker immediately takes the mic and demands Paquette shut her mouth and pay respect to the champion

Jamie Hayter & Dr Britt Baker DMD vs Ana Jay & Tay Mello vs Willie Nightingale & Skye Blue

Hayter and Tay start off. Headlock takeover by Hayter for 1. Tay with a headlock of her own. Hayter with a shoulder take down. Hayter suplexes both Tay Jay. Baker tags in and she chokes Tay, Rollup for 2 by Baker. Slingblade by Baker for 2. Forearm by Mello. TayJay with a double suplex. Britt with a desperation tag to Willow. Hip attack by Willow. Willow with assisted powerbomb as we go to commercial.

We're back and Blue with a kick to Hayters face for 2. Neckbreaker by Hayter. Death Valley Driver by Willow and now all 6 are fighting it out. Hate Breaker by Hayter to Blue and she scores the pin.


Renee is with FTR and Top Flight backstage. Top Flight wants FTR in the ring for the ROH titles. It's official.

The Acclaimed come out. Scissoring gets interrupted by Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Billy Gunn shuts them down and we get a 3 way scissoring.  I can't believe I wrote that.

ROH World Title Chris Jericho vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ian Riccaboni has joined the booth. Jericho flips off the crowd. Slap by Ishii. They exchange slaps. Kick to the back by Ishii. Jericho bails and Ishii holds the rope for him. They exchange forearms. Back suplex by Ishii. Side headlock by Ishii. They excange shoulder tackles. Jericho slaps him. They exchange chops as we go to commercial.

We're back and Jericho's chest is split wide open. Clothesline by Jericho. Jericho with punches in the corner. Ishii with a spinebuster. Forearm by Ishii. DDT on the apron by Jericho. They excahnge forearms. Suplex by Ishii. German by Ishii. Ishii pops up and falls right back down. Lionsault for 1.Codebreaker for 2. Headbutt by Ishii. Sliding lariat for 2 by Ishii. Ishii avioids the walls. Lariat for 2 by Ishii. Jericho blocks the enziguri into the Walls. Ishii escapes by Jericho applies the Liontamer and Ishii taps


Jericho goes after Ian and Claudio Castagnoli stops him.

We go to credits.

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