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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-22 10:37:00

Former ECW star Chris Hamrick posted the following long-form apology on his Facebook page this morning for using a slur on the mic toward a fan while playing heel this past Sunday at the GCW Aura event in Rhode Island:


"Don't know if anyone will read some or all of this, but it needs to be said..

This weekend I did a stupid, harmful thing at GCW..

I was a HEEL, and I called a fan an unkind word... But, it's just a word, right??

I brought negative press to Brett Lauderdale and the entire GCW company, and for that, I am so so sorry. But, it's just a word, right

I brought embarrassment to Jordan Oliver Jr. Who talked Brett into booking me, and I apologize for that

For the ones in my match, Jimmy LLoyd Marcus Mathers 1calledManders, Shane Mercer, a and Dustin Wheeler, I can't express the sorrow I have for ruining the match before it even started

I'm so stuck in my old school ways, I didn't see what the big deal was.. Even as much as yesterday, I was thinking, I apologized , it's over... It's just a word

Don't really know if it was the character in me really believing that, but this morning, the human side of me came out, and realized, what a stupid useless thing to say...

It's just a word, right.. It is... Its a stupid, hurtful, nasty ass word, that NO ONE has the right to say..

This isn't an apology to try to get back into GCW.... Love that group, always will

Yesterday I told someone I didn't want to wrestle in front of a crowd of fans from this generation, truth is....I don't deserve to wrestle in front of them...

30 something years in the business, I just now realized it's what you do IN the ring

It's just a word, a word that shouldn't be used now or EVER

To everyone I offended, I am truly sorry and embarrassed that my name will be affiliated with this forever!!!

Just know, from the bottom of my heart, I am truly truly sorry!!!!!"

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