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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-29 10:00:00

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So you’ve commented on how much better WWE is since Triple H took over. And I agree. But the irony is, I can see it’s better, yet when I try to explain to a lapsed fan, I can’t quite quantify it. Thought perhaps you can articulate some of the changes that excite you? Again I see it’s “different,” but stating what’s different, tad hard.

I would just say that, “It’s a lot like it used to be when you enjoyed it.  They have gotten rid of a lot of the elements of it which made you stop watching.  Things make sense now and most of the dopey stuff is gone”.

So if Tony Kahn says that CM Punk did nothing to get rid of Colt Cabana, then shouldn’t there have been an investigation on how that story got out? On who was leaking that story to certain people in the wrestling media and why? Why is there a deliberate attack on Punk's reputation and credibility? You think Tony just doesn't want to look at the issue that in right in front of him?

That’s an excellent point and if I were Punk’s lawyer, that would be part of my case against AEW and Tony Khan.  I would make the case that Khan’s lack accountability allowed a bad situation to fester, leading to the locker room incident.  That’s why I have said all along that I think Tony will be paying Punk a good sum of money at some point.

When Nick Aldis' contract expires on 12/31/22, when will he be available to appear on TV for another promotion?

I would think on 1/1/23.  I can’t see there being a non-compete.

If you were him, even if he passed on going to AEW previously, (and now knowing how the culture currently is in AEW and a new regime is in place at WWE), which promotion should he go to if offered? Is there anywhere else he should consider like Impact, MLW, New Japan, etc.?

He could go to Impact and be with his wife but if it were me, I would go to WWE if they offered.  I would want to see if I could make it on the biggest stage.  He isn’t getting any younger.

If he is free and clear to appear on TV by the time, would a surprise Royal Rumble entrant be the best way to debut him in the WWE, or do you build on his main-event stature and push him big leading into Wrestlemania?

I do the former.  His status in the NWA doesn’t carry over to WWE.  That analogy is like saying that the batting champion in AAA baseball should be made an All Star on day one.  They have to get Aldis there, if he comes in to WWE.

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