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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-21 09:59:00

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So once again, Tony Khan has stated that CM Punk had nothing to do with Colt Cabana not being on AEW TV.  This is two scrums in a row he has said that.  Will all of the “reporters” who haven’t retracted the false story finally do so?

You’d hope so.  It is the right thing to do from a journalistic standpoint.  Will they?  I tend to doubt it since they keep making excuses for “why they were right” in the first place and claim that they know “the whole story”.  The truth is a reporter only knows what a source tells them if they didn’t witness events first hand or see video of it.  Sometimes people lie to reporters.  People that are good at their job realize when that happens and stop trusting those who lied to them.  Those who don’t lose their credibility.

And, if Colt Cabana’s return to TV “proved” (as Dave Meltzer claimed), that CM Punk was behind Colt not being on TV, who is keeping him off of TV now that Punk is gone?  The EVPs?  The Tooth Fairy?

I could make a joke here but I will just say yup.  Colt got one appearance and it sure seems like it was to take a shot at Punk.  It’s time for some reporters to just own up and admit they got the story wrong.

Were FTR supposed to be on Full Gear? They are included in the graphic they keep using on their site for previews & results for the show, but neither showed. Adam Page is on it too. For a company that big, should edits to graphics be that difficult? Kind of misleading.

If there were booked to be there, they would have been there.  They weren't, obviously.  Why?  I can’t say.  It makes no sense of me that AEW doesn’t make better use of a great pair like FTW.

With Paul Wight debuting as Captain Insano on AEW Dynamite, it begs the obvious elephant in the room, is Adam Sandler gonna show up as Bobby Boucher, leading to a physical confrontation or a match?

AEW would love that, for sure.  Sandler would a great get for them.  At 56 years old, I don't think Sandler wants to wrestle.

Hello, read an article that was published a few days ago about Abadon being injured at an Indy show. I love some Indy shoes and I go to my local XVW shows, but why is Tony Khan still letting his talents do GCW and other Indy shows when AEW stars seem to be injury prone in the first place?

In the case of talent that isn’t used much, like Abadon, I get it.  They need reps and they should get them where they can.  In the case of someone like Jon Moxley?  I have no idea why Khan lets them work at indies where they can get hurt.  It makes zero sense to me.

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