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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-10 10:00:00


I don't understand why Nick Aldis was suspended by the NWA.  I didn't see his video but isn't he within his rights to give his notice?

He would certainly be within his rights to give his notice. 

When his contract expires on 12/31/22, when will Aldis be available to appear on TV for another promotion?

It's not a case of he's getting a release and is being paid for a certain amount of time.  He's free and moves on as of 1/1/23, unless the two sides make amends.

Should he have been suspended?

I'm not Billy Corgan, so I can't explain his mindset, but my feeling is all sides would have been better off just moving on without putting all the attention on the suspension.  They could have just did an angle where he got laid out and disappeared, or claimed travel issues or whatever.  They could have done Aldis wins "one more big one" and then goes off into the sunset.   But, they probably felt he had smacked the brand and wanted to slap back then focus on the show, but I think announcing the suspension put more attention on Aldis than they wanted.

If you were him, even if he passed on going to AEW previously, (and now knowing how the culture currently is in AEW and a new regime is in place at WWE), which promotion should he go to if offered? Is there anywhere else he should consider like Impact, MLW, New Japan, etc.?

If I am Aldis, I am looking at WWE or AEW.  They are where you are going to get the best spotlight and make the most money, even in a supporting role.    He didn't give notice to make a lateral move to another promotion that can pay him the same or give him a similar level spotlight.  He wants to do something grander.  Let's not forget that he could always do something alongside Mickie James, his wife, and that given her value, that could be something unique that could intrigue fans in a different way and give them each a different spin and storyline on how they are presented.

If he is free and clear to appear on TV by the time, would a surprise Royal Rumble entrant be the best way to debut him in the WWE, or do you build on his main-event stature and push him big leading into Wrestlemania?

No. I think they should go the other route.  If he ends up in WWE, they should roll out weeks of vignettes to get over who he is, as they did generations ago with Ted DiBiase and others.

Knowing NXT is currently a different presentation than it was, does someone like a Nick Aldis still have to go through NXT to get acclimated in the WWE way before being ready for the main roster, or does someone (even with his veteran status) have to go through the system first?

It used to be everyone has to go through NXT, but there are certainly exceptions to the rules - like AJ Styles going right to the main roster.  I'd have him go there for a few weeks to get acclimated to how WWE shoots their performers in the ring, etc. but he doesn't need to go through rounds and rounds of training.

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