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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-06 19:30:00

Former NWA Champion Nick Aldis announced in an Instagram subscriber video tonight that he had given notice to the National Wrestling Alliance. 

Aldis, 36 years old, is slated to perform at next week's NWA Hard Times 3 PPV next week in New Orleans.  

As reported back in July there were issued between the two sides after Aldis was pulled from the scheduled main event of the NWA 74 PPV, reporting, "Aldis has been critical of the creative direction for the NWA, which is 100% Corgan's vision at this point, and that led to a breakdown.  Another source stated that there was "magma level" heat towards Aldis for promoting himself above the NWA and for his constantly speaking out regarding Corgan's creative decisions."

We are told that Aldis, in his announcement that he had given notice tonight, made it clear he was not happy with NWA or its current direction.  His contract with the promotion ends in January 2023, and unless some sort of agreement is made, Nick Aldis (who at one point passed on an AEW offer to remain loyal to the National Wrestling Alliance) will be exiting the promotion he helped put on the map after Billy Corgan purchased the NWA in 2017.


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