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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-05 10:00:00


With all the talk of the AEW Investigation ending, what do you think should have been the result?

I wrote this the week after the incident in a Q&A and i still feel this is how it should have been handled:

-Everyone who entered that room for any reason beyond breaking up a fight that was already occurring should have been suspended for six weeks without pay and had their PPV money donated to a charity. 

-Then, every last one of them should have been told enough of going into business for yourself and enough passive aggressive garbage.  They all work for Tony Khan and now they are going to make Khan money by doing a program together and doing what they are told to do until Khan decides the program should end. 

-Then, any refusal to work together is instant, indefinite unpaid suspension and anyone pulling any future crap is again, sent home without pay indefinetly. 

Every single person holds responsiblility for what happened and if they were working for WWE, they would do whatever Paul Levesque tells them to do.  In the Vince McMahon era, they would have done what Vince told them to do.  There should be no argument that they should have been told enough of this, you are doing what Tony Khan wants you to do, or else, the end.  They should have do what Khan felt was best for AEW going forward.  In my mind, no matter who was at fault, they cost the company money that should be made up by doing the program - that's how I would have personally handled it.  You don't want to get along?  Fine, I will force you to be professional with each other, or else the money goes away and you can sit at home.  That's obviously not what AEW is doing, although with Punk out for months, they couldn't do that, anyway - but in my mind, that's how I would have wanted it handled.

Do you see Low Ki vs. Chris Jericho as the main event of ROH Final Battle?  if not, who do you see fighting Jericho at that PPV.

No, I do not.  I don't see AEW booking Low Ki to come in and be the savior of ROH.  I could see Samoa Joe in that role, however.

Why hasn't Claudio Castagnoli not once confronted Chris Jericho about his knocking of Ring of Honor, much less commented on losing the title, etc.?

I don't know.  That has made zero sense to me from both a character and storyline standpoint for Castagnoli.  I like the idea of him being the one chasing Jericho to wrest the legacy of ROH back away from someone who has crapped on it thus far.  At least he attacked Jericho this past Wednesday so perhaps the promo is coming.

Would you travel overseas for pro wrestling?

I've always wanted to visit Japan, but I don't think I would go specifically just for wrestling, i.e. traveling there just for shows and then leaving.  The reality is the majority, as in 99% of anything of note and importance that takes place internationally is streaming at this point, rending the travel unimportant.  I always enjoy going to shows and covering them live but at this point in time I have to play time management more than anything else, especially in the COVID-19 era.  I've greatly curtailed my travel to shows in general in recent years for the same reason.

If you could play genie and gift a pro wrestler, what would it be?

That is a weird question, because now every wrestler I don't mention is going to ask me why I didn't mention them!  I'd gift Homicide the experience of wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, something I know was always a major career goal for him.

Where is Steve Corino?  I've seen his son wrestle recently and it made me wonder where Corino disappeared to.

Corino works as a Coach and Producer for WWE NXT in Orlando.

Whatever happened to Bull Dempsey?  Could he return to WWE NXT?

He still wrestles as Bull James, lives in the NYC area and trains talents at the Outlaw Academy in Jamaica, Queens.  He's also one of the wrestling trainers for pro wrestling musical The Last Match, which is trying to find its way to Broadway.  I haven't heard of any NXT return on the horizon, but anything is possible under the Triple H regime!

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